How to find rentals

Hi all, this is my first post here. I've already been following the topics on this network for some time, to try and get ready for our big move. There's been some really helpful posts, and I know there have been many similar questions, but I'm still struggling with the following:

We live in the Alpes Maritime, and are selling our house to be able to move to Aquitaine/Dordogne. I speak passable French, and we've been in 'the system' for 12 years now, so we kinda know how things work.

The viewings on our house are coming in thick and fast at the moment, so hopefully we are able to move soon (panic attack anyone?).

Because we don't know the exact area we want to settle in, we are going to rent for a while, until we find the right house/spot. The rental place can be anywhere in Aquitaine, we want to take our time and explore before settling for the right spot.

And here lies the rub: we might have to move quick, and find a rental home in August/September. Great time of year for it, I know. That's why a winter let in a gite is not an option. I've been keeping an eye on Seloger and Logicimmo. But all the houses there don't really fall in the criteria that we need, and all agents seem to have only a limited and very local portfolio.

I am looking for an agent or website that covers a greater area and has more choice. Somebody who can line up some properties, so we can come in for a few days and visit them.

We are looking for the following:

Maison de campagne (we like to be remote, but not too cold, so probably central Dordogne and west/south of it)

Pet friendly (2 non-shedding wellbehaved dogs and 1 cat)

Garden (for the dogs)

Barn/storage space for all our stuff

We only need 2 bedrooms, and furnished/unfurnished doesn't matter to us. The dogs and storage are the most important. We can pay 6 months to a year in advance with the right contract.

Can anybody point me in the right direction? Any pointers are greatly appreciated, thanks.

We are in 33890 good area.

I wish you luck finding a nice place.