How to get 4oD and iPlayer in france. for Free

Here is how to get iPlayer and 4oD on your computer

Hi for the last 2 weeks as we can no longer get bbc or itv CH4 i had some time on my hands and started looking around.

So here we go
You will need to download and install (if you don't al ready have)
1. Firefox Free Web browser you will need this as it has a plug-in you need to add later, you will be using this one for 4oD
2. Google Chrome Free Web browser you will need this as well as each channel needs its own brower, this one is for iPlayer.

Download 1. FireFox
Download 2. Google Chrome

You now need to install both (you can look for them in your language)

Now for the fun bit open *FireFox* and go here > mediahint
and click on "Try it now" you will need to make an account or login with face-book or anything in the list, it will install a pluging into the Web browser, close you browser and reopen it and goto > 4oD Sorry you will also need to make an account here as well, *ATTENTION* You need to put in a UK post code.
Happy days you are done you will now be able to watch All Channel 4 channels and Channel4 on Demand.

As for *Google Chrome* its works the same as for *FireFox* download and install add the pluging goto > iPlayer
make an account and watch all the bbc channels LIVE and all the catch up tv you like.
I hope this will do for now as i now you ladys love your Eastenders and what not.
This is my first go at a tutorial and hope its in the right place.
Please feel free comment.

For people that are thinking that MediaHint are tracking you you may like to read this

its ok its not to long or hard to understand ,i will say if you think someone has an eye on what you are doing on the net it will be Google as pointed out at the bottom of privacy page of MediaHint,also as MediaHint gives you an IP from some were you are not is that not a good thing ?

By the way my wife works for Google and facebook she the lovely lady that put the adverts on the side and its your cookes that tell facebook what you have been up to on the web and why you see things you have been looking at eg:: houses ,a new dress ,or a new tv. ect ect.

Last time I succumbed to the temptation and installed a VST plug-in I had so many add-ons, cookies and who knows what thrown at me regularly that I deleted within a week. It is not that they are bad but they are all linked to somebody who is selling something, 99.99% of which do not even remotely interest me.

I admit I was a bit dubious about MediaHint. I don't like the idea of installing a free plugin that forms a proxy server. However, looking it up there don;t seem to be any scary stories about it. I would not recommend leaving it running while you use your browser for something secure like online banking or accessing your ebay or Amazon accounts though. I'm happy with UnoTelly but for people who want a free service, this might be the answer.

Jonathan Hesford

Iplayer will only work on chrome, it would not work on firefox for me.

so that why 2 browsers may be needed

Caught up on a couple of programmes on the BBC tonight.

Me too, simply used Chrome and no hitch about an hour ago after seeing this.

I just used chrome. I'll be interested to hear what others have to say.

Got it back. I have downloaded a couple of programmes and it seems to work fine. so fingers crossed. Thank you.

Hi, I tried and it worked for a while but then stopped.

Jonathan did you even try it ?

I live in the south of france and both work for me and no i dont have a vnp or smartDNS

I'm afraid this advice isn't going to work. Access to 4od and BBC iPlayer is controlled by the IP address of the computer, not the browser. You need to be running a VPN or a smartDNS service on your computer for it to work. If you have those, you can watch using any internet browser and do not have to download firefox and chrome.