How to get a certifica de dedouanement

Hi all. I will keep it brief : I need to obtain a certificat de dedouanement in order to immatriculer my car here. I have the documents I need in order to get the certificat - but for the life of me cannot find where to submit them and it is impossible to contact the Douane… Has anyone actually done this, and if so, how.
thanks in advance

If you know where your nearest Douanes are you could go there to make an appointment. It depends how far away it is I suppose. We went to the office and were given an appointment and the officer gave us his email address. We had to return with the car at the time of the appointment.

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I would have thought Mark Rimmer could have answered your question, but he seems to have left SF… :cry:


I managed to get this done earlier this year, I covered it in this thread:

I’ve imported cars from the UK, Ireland, Germany and Italy. All I ever did was pop along to my local Impots folk and they gave me a quittance fiscale and off I went. On one occasion I asked for a quittance for a car that was less than six months old, I should have bought it tax free in the UK and paid TVA, silly me :roll_eyes: So I was faced with paying the TVA and trying to reclaim the VAT. The lovely ladies in the Impots told me rather than all that hassle to sod off and come back when the car was six months old. Another case of a pragmatic Gallic solution to a problem. Rules are not necessarily rules in France. Something are departed and lamented pal Mark wasn’t very willing to accept.

Which country is the car coming from?