How to link to another web page from the network

(Craig McGinty) #1

One of the most powerful elements of a website is the link as this can point readers to articles of interest that everyone can then share.

On the Survive France Network you can either link to another page on the site or a web page out on the internet - here’s how.

  1. First you need to copy the target link you want, so if it is a page on another website then copy the full website address you see in your web browser.

  2. On your own story you need to highlight the word or words you want to link off, they should turn blue, and then click the small chain link icon beneath your title, this will pop up a window.

  3. Then paste in your target link, it needs to look like this click OK and it will automatically add the link to the other website in your piece.

    It is always helpful for readers if you try to link off words that describe where you are sending them, instead of something like “click here”, so this could be an explanatory phrase or the actual title of the page.