How to lodge a formal complaint against the Chambre de Metiers in Coutances

We are at the end of our tether right now and wondered if any of you know what official department to lodge a complaint with about the Chambre de Metiers in Countances.

The Chambres de Metiers here in Brittany will not register my husband to work here until he has been DE-registered from Normandy, but no matter how many letters we have sent to the office in Countances, they simply ignore all requests for radiation and removal and send us yet another extract showing that he is STILL registered.

What is the point of this staggeringly rude behaviour? We have been polite and patient and simply don’t know how to proceed. If we can’t be employed, we will be forced to leave France because, to use an old expression that I heard from a friend today, “We can’t live on air.”

I can’t even find a listing for the Mediator of the Republic in Normandy! Ideas about who to lodge a formal complaint with are greatly appreciated.


sounds ghastly. Have you thought of taking copies of the letters you have sent to Coutances… into the Brittanny offices… to ask them if there is anything more you could/should have done…?

Hopefully, Brittany could then contact Coutances to ask what the hold up is all about… (well, I like to think they could be helpful and make that call).

Did you complete the 3-part form cerfa11685*02 or similar … “Declaration de Radiation”… ??

good luck

It is ghastly, Stella. The last time we went to the Chambre in Brittany and ASKED if they would call RSI and the Countances Chambre, the woman was pleasant but firm – “Non!”

If we have been good little boy scouts and girl scouts and done it all exactly as requested, surely there should be some avenue of resolution by a government agency who is higher up the ladder?

We FINALLY got the Attestation of Radiation from RSI – but that took 2 months to arrive, too. In the meantime, Sweetie has no way to work and we have no way to get RE-registered with RSI so we have medical coverage. The woman at the office in Ploermel even admitted that no government office tells the other one what they are doing. How is that even logical?

Just had a look at that Declaration de Radiation form. It is the SAME one we sent off back in January of 2013 when we were headed back to the UK and then off to Australia. So yes, we did fill it in. I didn’t physically give her a copy of the form, but I even showed it to our landlady in St. Girons so she knew that we were truly leaving France and needed to break our lease.

Makes you wonder what vortex of doom it ended up in. And as to RSI – they eventually issued a Carte Vitale for each of us over a year AFTER we were back in Australia.

Nightmare people to deal with – full stop.

Mmm seems almost as if the correct office never received the cerfa form… did you keep a copy… and can you do it now if necessary… ?? I’d send anything by “accuse de reception” or whatever it is, when at least you get a proof of delivery…

Yes – I can redo the form if necessary. The one we signed all those years ago is in SOME box full of old records up in the attic. I’d be looking forever. Yep – sending it with a return receipt is probably a good idea. We didn’t do that the last time because we weren’t going to HAVE an address for it to come back to!

Well, apparently the rant that I went on yesterday – cc’ing every government office above the Chambre de Metiers in Coutances – has produced results. Less than an hour ago I received a letter complete with a cerfa P4 form to fill out and return and BACK DATE to 2 years ago. They were quite specific about noting the SAME date that RSI removed us (radiated – what a word!) from active status.

Insane levels of stress are s-l-o-w-l-y going down a bit. Whew!

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I am sorry that I am late to this conversation, having recently moved to France we are trying to get set up as a micro entrepeneur, My husband is a builder, we were told initeally that he would need to apply for the course Chambre de Metiers to achieve his ME status, I have since been told that there is no longer the requirement to attend the course. Please can someone clarify and tell me what we need to do .thanks in anticipation.

Angela - Haveyou thought of starting a new topic/ thread… I don’t think you are wanting info on a “formal complaint” …:face_with_hand_over_mouth::upside_down_face: