How to pay ANTS for Carte Gris!

I have applied to register my UK car as a French one and applied to ANTS. I have now had it accepted and received a message saying that they are awaiting payment. But I can’t see / find out how to pay ! Can anyone help me as they say it will be rejected if I dont do this soon … argghhh !! Help !

There should be a button to press…here

Thanks Jane … I’ll go look for it … but don’t think I’ve seen it anywhere on my page. Will get back to you …

Nope … no sign of that page at all. It’s just this …

"Votre autre demande immatriculation n°11718971 nécessite une action de votre part .
Vous devez vous rendre sur votre espace personnel accessible en cliquant sur le lien suivant afin de compléter votre autre demande immatriculation n°11718971.

Étapes pour compléter votre demande :

Cliquer sur « Mon espace véhicule »
Dans le tableau « Mes demandes en cours », sélectionner « Reprise » au niveau de la demande n°11718971 afin de la compléter».

Note du service instructeur
06/06/2019 15:46 AUTR
Autre motif - champ libre : dernier rappel avant rejet… Bonjour merci de fournir la demande d’immatriculation cerfa 13750 Cordialement"

… that I’ve got. And the part I’ve put in italics is most worrying ! Zut

Ahhh…have you opened a personal account with them? You need to subscribe to the site so that your carte bleu can be registered.

Yes I’m registered with ANTS … but it doesn’t ask you to register your Carte Blue …

I can’t remember what we did last time we used the site - I remember it being a pain and having to do something in our personal space before we could get any further. But more than that I don’t know - sorry!

Do you have Facebook? There’s a ‘registering your car in france’ group can help with all this. You could get a garage to do it for you? Good luck.

Thanks Catherine … I think I have found out what I needed to do. And Mark has some advice for me too :slight_smile: