How to pay Taxe Fonciere and Taxe d'Habitation

Just a reminder… it seems that for a bill over 1000€ , you have to pay through the banking system (direct debit/bank transfer) and cheques/cash are NOT allowed/accepted.

Is everyone up to speed with this… ???

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Funnily enough, I paid my TF today, it had just crept above 1000 euros and it was only as I was waiting that I read the little sentence on the bill. Decided chance it, paid some cash and the rest on 2 cards, woman behind the desk didn’t question it. Waiting for the tax police now to give me a full refund and to tell me to do it properly. :sob:

Ha ha… you were a lucky boy… and the clerk was a lovely lady… :relaxed:

Have you thought about Direct Debit and spreading the load… as you can pay later by that means…

I think the threshold is dropping to 300€ in 2019… :crazy_face:

Makes perfect sense to me.
Paying on-line is made so easy in France and they also extend the payment date as a reward for doing so.

I hadn’t been aware that the cost could be spread. My local office told me last year that it is must be paid by just one payment. Is this a new option or just in your region? Tnx

I have owned my holiday house in France for 2.5 years. We received our first Taxes Fonciere bill last September (2017). We haven’t received a bill yet this year. Should I receive a bill every year. I had presumed so but its all quite random.

Chances are that last year brought things up to date… and this year should be with you any time now…

The onus is on the homeowner to chase the bill…( if necessary) …so that it can be paid on time… folk saying “but, it didn’t arrive” do not have a leg to stand on.

Yours should arrive at the same address as the previous Bill did… ie UK or France…

I got an email about TdH from Direction Générale alerting me to the availability of my avis on-line in my espace particulier.

Your warning is very timely, Stella, these things are easy to miss, and it seems everything is on-line these days. I wouldn’t be surprised if lots of people are caught out, not everybody uses email, not everybody is connected on-line.

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Very pleased and relieved to say that owing to various conditions of exemption we now pay either… Phew!


I still haven’t received by tax bill. I came by this notice today on the govt website regarding second homes (which mine is)

"Payment date in December… Be careful, this rule does not prevail for all second homes. But the tax administration reports that certain tax notices are sent later and require payment before 17 December 2018 (21 December on ). Although the tax authorities do not provide a systematic explanation for this discrepancy, he points out that this situation mainly concerns second homes.

In case of doubt, taxpayers should refer only to the payment deadline indicated on the tax notice."

Has anybody else not received their tax bill? I am not sure how to contact my local tax office.



Centre Des Impôts - Saint Jean De Monts Trésor Public
25 Boulevard Du Général Leclerc
85160 Saint-Jean-de-Monts

Thanks very much for your help.

I hope they answer the phone… :wink: :wink:

My french is pretty bad as I haven’t been there in a while so I will have to find an email address. Or prepare my speech in advance.

Prepare your speech. Figure out what you want to say/ask and put in into very short sentences. Speak slowly… and if the person talks too fast… just say…“trop vite, plus doucement s’il vous plaît”… that usually slows them down… :relaxed:

(others may use different words, but that works well for me every time…)

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Correction: This is the email for theTresor Publique… If you send an email… make sure quote Tresor Publique/taxe d’habitation in the heading (as it seems to cover a lot of other sections as well.)…


Just a though Liz… have you got Personal Space on the French Gouv site… so you can look up your bills…

At the Mairie, yesterday… a couple of people phoned to ask if the bills were out, as they had not received any… at the time, I replied that I had got mine… (I had even checked to see the difference between 2018 and 2017)

but now realize that I receive mine on-line rather than in paper form… :thinking:

They sent me a screenshot so I was able to pay today. I also clicked the button to auto pay next year! Thanks for helping sort this out.

Hi Stella!
Just read this and it has piqued my interest. Is this Personal Space available to all owners who have second homes in France or just those that have already paid something into the system?
Clearly, other than the statutory taxes when we bought the house, we have yet to pay anything. Mother in Law tells me that the Td’H and TF are paid ‘in arrears’ unlike in the UK where we pay council tax in advance and that these taxes have been paid (by her) up to October next year - effectively saying that we wont get a bill until at least then!

All rather confusing really…