How to pay Taxe Fonciere and Taxe d'Habitation

I’m fairly sure that the Catch 22 is that you to have your own account online you need the tax number that you only receive once you’ve done your first tax return.

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Hi Carl…

You have only just bought… therefore Taxe d’Hab is not applicable… as that applies to whoever “lives” in the house on 1st Jan of the current year…

Taxe Fonciere is often apportioned…t as you have bought so late in the year… either your In Laws will be paying the whole amount… .or your Notaire will have taken a rough percentage for the time you will be the Owner in the current year…

For this current year Both bills will be addressed to your In Laws… phew… you can wait until this time next year… :thinking:

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I don’t have a personal space on the impots website. I just don’t have enough numbers to register. I wrote back to the lady who sent me a bill by email and asked for more codes. Lets see what happens. They were very prompt replying to my email.



Just checking you can pay online via the site from a UK account? It seemed to accept my IBAN and BIC codes and when I check on the App it says it’s paid but no cash has been debited. Odd. Or maybe they wait until the deadline to make the transaction?

If you pay online by bank transfer you get a few more days to pay, might be that it’s not been taken yet.

We’ve sent the TIP to Rennes for a one off direct debit which they take on the 25th October. I’ve used a suivi to track it as I like to be sure it’s got there.

Ok, that all makes sense, thank you.

If we bought a house in March this year - should I have received the Taxe d’Hab & Fonciere bills yet?

Tax d’hab is paid by whoever is there on 1st January… so you are OK until next year…

Taxe fonciere bill has prob ably gone to the old owner… you can always ask at your Tresor Publique if there is a bill coming to you…

or it might have been sorted by the Notaire at time of sale (ie an agreed sum to the benefit of the Seller for the portion of the year and he pays the bill).

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