How to send a letter to OFII


My husband and I are sending our paperwork to OFII in Poitiers. This is our first time using the postal service to send official, legal documents to a French governement office.

Should I be asking for any kind of tracking of the letter, so that if it were to be lost -- I would have proof of my sending it? If so, how I do ask for this, in French, at the post office? Is there anything else I should ask for at the post office for proof when sending this letter?

Many thanks for your helping a newbie!!

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You should send such things by une lettre recommandé avec avis de réception. You have to fill in a voucher part of which you keep as proof of posting and later the postie will deliver you a little flimsy to say it has been received. I think though I've never used it that you can also insure the contents

Thanks so much David! Appreciate your taking the time to answer.