How to subscribe to Survive France, go AD FREE and get access to the VIP Lounge!


(Peter Bird) #82

…as the actress said to the bishop !

(Martin Gray) #83

Wow! What a diverse thread…

I read the whole lot because I was looking for the suggested amount to support the forum, without success.

I hve no issues providing support to the forum, I came across it when I was in need, as will many others after me. I am happy to contribute.

I am a member of many other forums, mostly for subjects more specific than we all live in the same country, and pay to support them. Some have made the jump to Facebook to save costs. That may appeal to those that are interested in current events and conversations but much historical and useful information disppears under a sea of new comments .

Rather than ask memebrs to provide an unspecified amount, why not ask for a specific amount? In return maybe those who provide financial support could have a few less ads, or dedicated bandwidth?

(Mat Davies) #84

I would imagine James is looking to raise revenue without increasing costs of further development work.

You suggestions would be good for a forum with many more users.

(Martin Gray) #85

Hi Mat,
Yes, I am sure he is, I am happy to contribute.

(James Higginson) #86

Hi Martin,

I like the idea of removing ads for contributors, I’ll see if that is easily implementable. As for suggested amounts, there are some pre-filled options on the page and a field where you can choose your own amount plus the option to make it a regular payment.

Thanks for the feedback.


(anon54681821) #87

Think by asking for a set amount your going to push people away. donating is optional and if you can afford 1€ then that is what you can afford or 5 or 10 or 20, or a regular monthly sub. if 10 folks donated 1€ that is 10€ but if you say set it to 5 or 10€ it fast stops people who cannot afford that from donating.

So I don’t mind sharing I have opted for 10€ on a monthly basis. As for adds i still click them. Hope that info helps you on working out how much to donate. As I have said before, i just say donate what you can and what you feel is a comfortable figure. While I feel for @Misty36140 to quote @james:

(anon5340228) #88

How about which uses PayPal. I’m starting to use it with my coaching students who can’t afford the 1-1 fees or group membership.

(James Higginson) #89

I’ll look in to that, we do accept PayPal currently but I think we need a better interface. Thanks :slight_smile:

(anon88888878) #90

@james pop a ‘donate’ button into the website page header - next to ‘Insurance , Pensions, Need Help? Legal’ …etc

(anon64436995) #91

James, I can’t thank you enough for your very thorough and gracious attention to my query, and I’m very happy too about the community response. That goes to show, you may agee, that your straightforward and thoughtful way of tackling the issue pays the dividends you deserve, anyway that is how I feel about it :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: If I had my way I would propose that my own contribution would be targeted towards Catherine, possibly to furnish her with something fruitier and stronger than your coffee, necessary as that may be. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

(James Higginson) #92

If anyone is still on the fence, as a thank you/incentive I will remove those pesky banner ads for those who make a donation. :slight_smile:

(Mat Davies) #93

Oh go on then you tempted me!

(James Higginson) #94

Thanks Mat! :slight_smile: :champagne::moneybag:

(anon54681821) #95

question for those of us that do not mind the banner adds and donate is that an option???

I was curious as to where my banner clicker went.

(James Higginson) #96

Hi Harry, I can turn your ads back on if you like? :slight_smile:

(anon54681821) #97

James i honestly did not mind them, even clicking things that interested me.

Question is it just those with Patron badge who are add free or everyone?

(James Higginson) #98

Anyone who has made a donation or is at trust level 3 does not see ads, I can turn them back on for you if you found them useful, shall I do that?

(anon54681821) #99

so long as it does not affect others yes please.

(James Higginson) #100

Harry, I’ve given this some thought and there is an issue. If I turn ads back on for you, you will lose your earned status with the software, ie trust level 3. I am constrained by the software on this point.

You could just log out to see ads, we can take this to DM if you like?

(anon54681821) #101

no its good leave it as be.

Just know there is a small revenue from the adverts hence why i used to click them.