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Yes, but it is insignificant when compared to your donation :slight_smile:

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I don’t really care about the banners. It’s not the packaging that matters…

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There’s more to it than that! :wink:

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Oh golly… I Just reread my message. It seems really dismissive which wasn’t my intention! I meant in a good way… that the banners don’t distract me from the content!

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Not at all! :slight_smile:

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Last weeks subscriber only post from @cat ‘Boys and their Toys’


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Your weekly blog post for @subscribers and @lounge members is up now!

“Jilly Cooper, James and jodhpurs”

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Hello, I’m from Kingston-upon-Thames and came to Paris in 1969 when I was 22 . I have and continue to enjoy my life in France, with my French wife, and have no regrets. I have managed all the « difficulties « that an expat can encounter here but they are not problems just amusing challenges.
I am glad to have found your Forum. I was thinking of looking for UK tv reception info as I have a Humex box with satellite dish and think I prefer to receive via the net … but frankly the idea of paying 10€ a month leaves me cold …
So, I’ll just wish you all a très bon survival
I’ve been managing fine for nearly 50 years but there is no way I’m going to pay 10€ a month to share my experiences.
David Hyde

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It’s free @DavidMorgan if you pay you remove the ads, that’s all. Great first post though! Welcome :expressionless: