How to use the 'chat' feature

The chat feature is at the bottom of the page on the right hand side, it is closed by default. Just click on the gray bar to open it. You can also get to it from the main menu bar (top right, within the masthead).

With the chat window open you can now see who is online in the right hand pane, on the left you will see any active chat. If you want to move this window to somewhere more convenient on your screen, click the ‘pop out’ button on the top right of the window (middle icon), you can now re-size and move your chat window. Incidentally, the left icon will collapse the window and the right hand icon will show you as ‘offline’.

If you want to chat privately with a member who is online, ie listed in the right hand pane, click on their name and you will have the option to go to a private chat ‘room’. You will still be able to tab back and forth between your private room and the main chat ‘room’.

If you want to hear when someone chats, you can turn on the audible notifier slider, it’s the middle icon in the bottom left of the chat window, left of that is the face icon selector, and the right hand icon down there will clear the content of the active chat window.

Happy chatting!