How to withheld your number in France

Hi Everyone!

As living in France, I still have a lot of numbers to call in England, I need to be able to block my number, I know you can do it in England, but in France, not so sure. My mobile phone is set up in England, but my landline is set up in France. I am on the Orange network as I am in England.

So my question is, how can I block my number on my landline and mobile phone here in France to call to England and if I wanted to call from France to another part of the world excluding England, would I have to block my number a different way?

Hopefully this makes sense to someone. Lol.

Thank you

This way.


Hi David…

Just a thought… I know folk (in France and elsewhere) who will NOT accept a call if the number is blocked… … :wink:

And I’m one of them.

Ah! That’s brilliant David. Thank you. Never thought it was so simple.