How's the Weather?

(Mandy Davies) #81

Bizarre here in The Tarn (81). It was a scorching 27°c yesterday and blazing sunshine. Today it’s been cloudy, drizzling and 13°c. Had to resort to socks and may need the heating on this evening.

(Bill Morgan) #82

16° MAX SE 56 :roll_eyes:

(Bill Morgan) #83

11° at the mo’, rashly bought sardines for din’, but I fear it could be a bit cool for a barbie :thinking:

(Vanessa Caton) #84

Sorry all - catching up . Takes a while to unravel 25 years of being a squirrel ( packing up to move south) . Went down to do some stuff in the house and sort utilities in early June and the first week it was so cold we actually had to put the heating on! Perhaps it was because the house had been empty all winter but the locals were also commenting on how wet it had been and we noticed that our side of the road a lot of the houses had slot in boards in front of their doors . Not sure if they were really there to keep the water out or it was just the locals having a laugh at our expense . The grouting around the floortiles was glistening with moisture and the wall adjoining the house next door (their garage & frequently unoccupied) was doing a good job of shedding its crépi by itself :rofl:. The weather in ”our” part of the SoF seems to have “mimicked “ the weather in the uk this winter & spring although at times it was actually warmer in the UK and definitely drier ! Our house in the UK is well insulated and although old has not only double glazing but the landlord added external cladding . Definitely felt warmer here than SoF before we went although it warmed up the second week and we were glad of how cool the inside of the house stayed. The water table has apparently been the highest it’s been in years . Last year they had a drought . By the time we left the grouting had gone light grey so I guess they were right when they said “don’t worry it’ll dry out”!

(stella wood) #85

Have no fear Vanessa… this Winter/Spring and into Summer has been very odd… worldwide.

Our house(further North) had been empty for 8 years and was very, very cold… as it had been left to the whims of the weather… ( and no insulation/double glazing/cavity wall insulation etc etc…).

Where you are, the winters can be hard (but glorious) and the summers will normally be hot… yeah… all will be well…it just takes time to get the house back on track. :relaxed:

(Vanessa Caton) #86

Aw thank you Stella. You are so kind. I must admit I couldn’t help keeping an eye on the weather after we’d had our offer accepted and at times thought we’d made a mistake and our heating bills were going to be our downfall (never mind concerns regarding being bancrupted by health insurance!) . I had visions of spending the winter swaddled in fleeces and trying to order thermals online on what passes for internet in our neck of the woods. :rofl:

(stella wood) #87

:wink::wink::sweat_smile::sweat_smile: I was given a useful tip, which has proved its worth… To stock up on wool sweaters… all thicknesses, so you can layer or strip down a little… depending…

Some winter days will be spent in t-shirts, with a cardigan for the evening… gradually layering up… other winter days will be spent in 27 layers…:slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face: who cares… life is great… :hugs:

My Quillan friends were pointing out the snow levels in some of the surrounding hillside areas… so thermals in such places would be a great idea…

(Vanessa Caton) #88

Thanks for the tips Stella. Hopefully there will be some sales before we go and we can stock up :blush:

(stella wood) #89

I’ve got M&S woolies and cardigans, from years ago… still going strong and much admired by the ladies of the commune… :wink:

(Vanessa Caton) #90

Most of the locals have suggested having a log burner. We’ve a mutifuel stove here that we could bring with us but it might be pretty major work to have it put in & tbh I don’t want to dip into our small pot of savings unless absolutely necessary. We have what look like chimneys on the roof but the flues to them are no longer visible and our insurance currently wouldn’t cover us . The house has double glazing and an electric system which doubles as aircon. It seemed to heat up quickly and hopefully more loft insulation may help . Our electrician said his bills are huge yet he has a wood burner . He does have a huge place out in the open though. Our house is semi detatched but the house next to us is only occupied occasionally when the owner comes back to mow his lawn and attend to his rental properties . Our living room wall is also , I think his garage wall so hence why it has sucked up the moisture - seemed to be drying out once the weather got warmer. We’ve a whole lot of decorating to do. Nothing too sinister just dated and not our colour scheme. The spare bedroom had lovely salmon pink sparkly glaze over the crépi that looked like nail polish! Devils own job to get off. We didn’t even manage to finish one room even after we discovered décapant!! Scraping the blasted glaçage off the crépi- or the crépi itself off should keep us warm over the winter :rofl: