How's your week so far?

Mine’s off to a good start as I’ve decided to work from home today.
In fact, I’ve gone one better and decided to work from bed.

In the shop since 7h30 this morning but the sun’s out and I should be able to get out on the bike with mates from my club this afternoon :slight_smile:

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That sounds like a good plan!

Stunning morning here in the Ariege - just about to finish off painting some doors then out on the golf course this afternoon for my first 18 holes in nearly 4 months!!

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French class this morning - it was good! Just back, lunch on the hoof and then out into the beautiful sunshine. I’m cleaning up the garden furniture and umbrellas in preparation for putting into storage and generally tidying up the basement in preparation for putting everything back in there. Well not yet, but at some point in the future when the weather changes then the basement is at least ready and clean.

Lovely, you could have cropped the bog out?!

On Earlies this week so was up at 4:30 but finished at 13:00 and can’t decide if i should go to the bar for one and then prepare dinner, or , prepare dinner and then go to the bar. Always been rubish at making decisions

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What do you do to have to get up so early?!

I work shifts at BCM (boots), start at 6 and its 20 mins drive away, then i have to have breakfast, grab a shower, and be properly awake before i get on the bike.

i also need to get changed when i get to work and it’s nice to have a coffee and a fag with the guys before we start

so up at 4:30, 45 mins to get myself sorted to get out, leave at 5:15, get to work for 5:35, 5 minutes to get changed and grab a coffee, leaving me 15 minutes for a chat and chill before having to get back in to be on the shop floor when the bell rings

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That’s an early start! I’m the same though - have to have enough time to get up and wake up before I can leave the house!

I just won’t ride a motorbike whilst not fully awake, too dangerous, that said next week I’m on lates so 13:00 - 20:00, and the weekend inbetween, finish at 13:00 on the friday and not back till 13:00 on monday is great

might be moving to the night shift soon though which would be brilliant 20:30 - 5:30 monday - thursday whilst being paid roughly 50% more, i should coco

Very sensible. I’m in a car but even so if I’m not fully awake (or more to the point, just haven’t had enough caffeine!) I don’t feel safe either.

honestly I would rather ride drunk than tired, at least whilst drunk your eyes aren’t trying to shut.

anyway chicken is cooked and cooling so its bar time

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These tyres needed changing anyway so I’m not fussed about the puncture. :slight_smile: so pretty good!

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