HSBC to move seven offices from London to Paris amid Brexit uncertainty


(Elisabeth Morgan) #21

Sir Jim Ratcliffe is moving to Monaco !

(David Wren) #22

What’s the strap line for “Survive France”? “Live life & love it” - lol.

Seems more like that church at times, the one that predicts the end of the world and has to keep revising the date because of “miscalculations” I reckon it could boost its congregation with a few members here.

We’re doomed Captain Manwaring - we’re doomed I tell you. :smile:

(Mary Wolcott) #23

It’s good to wonder. Slow down, look up. Research shows that procrastination (to a certain extent) actually gives time and greater productivity to problem-solving, or project completion. Especially when a person has embarked on something complex…

And what in the world isn’t complex these days.

“The stars can be mighty good friends, to a sailor.” – Thornton Wilder

(Barbara Deane) #24

We are only doomed if we do not think for ourselves!
A church?
No…a church collects people together who think the same sing out about
what they believe in.
Here we have views, independent ideas and a great deal of hope.