HTM Android problem

Okay, I'm as thick as two short planks, even more so today, so don't be mean but I've wasted an hour achieving nothing.


  • New HTM Android phone

  • I have photos on it that I need to transfer to the computer

  • Connected to laptop with USB cable

  • Recognises as a type of storage device but folder empty apart from programme codes

  • Fails to connect as a phone, saying driver not found. Windows don't have a compatible listing (that I could see) for this phone.

I have no signal so can't even email the photos to myself.

How do I get them off the phone onto the computer? I've had Blackberries etc which have come up with the download photos option immediately you connect with the USB cable but am at a complete loss with this.

Anyone know what I'm talking about?

OK. Why do you say "the livebox didn't recognise the dongle" ? Normally the the PC would use the dongle to find the Livebox and ask to connect.

If you go to Control Panel, System , Hardware, Device Manager, Network Adapters , is there an yellow exclamation mark next to the WifI adapter ? If so, you need to install a driver for the dongle.

Hi Steve, I think it's XP Home edition.

What version of Windows are you running ?

Dropbox via wifi maybe?

I'm going to take a look at Airdoid - seems like a handy little gizmo.

Absolutely no problem Celia. It's a good question!

Brian, this is slightly off subject, but my old Sony Viao all-in-one no longer responds to the old supplied Livebox wifi dongle. I went into Orange and they said it was an old version, just buy a new wifi dongle.

So I did, and firstly the PC kept restarting itself, then, when I finally got it to stablize, the Live box didn't recognise the dongle even though it was 'seen' by the system. Well, I assume it didn't as every attempt at connection failed, so I took it back. The dongle, that is.

Any ideas?

I should post this in a new thread, I know, but I'm concerned that no-one would find it. Sorry Valerie!

I use an app called Airdroid on my phone and tablet. Basically if your Android device is connected to your router by WiFi, you can manage your device from a PC. As well as allowing me to download photos, it allows me to send SMS messages using the keyboard on the PC.

What a lovely man! I've sent you a friend request.

FINALLY !!!! It decided to connect on wifi with the Livebox and I've emailed the photos to myself (okay, so 4 different attempts). OneDrive installed so easily but there's no SD card and it wouldn't take but that's now on the shopping list.

THANK YOU GUYS!! So many great ideas I'll be following up, including a bluetooth dongle.

Sooooo close with the MTP - changed all the settings and it seemed happy. But then failed as said no driver.

Hubby is a IT geek and has had this problem too. He suggests the following

Looks like MTP (Media Transfer Protocol is disabled)
To enable MTP go to Settings/Storage.
Tap on vertical bar with 3 dots in upper right corner of screen, tap on USB computer connection and enable MTP.
That should sort it.

Good Luck

Yep, that was my first thought. Have spent approximately 10 hours so far searching for drivers, downloading them, problem fixing them, uninstalling them, trying new ones, checking forums for similar problems. Nothing worked.

Thank you Celia. Absolutely my own fault (which I've now hopefully corrected on the header) - it's a cheap version HTM not HTC. Thank you so much for trying. I might brick the phone up into the wall I'm doing if I don't suss this thing.

My recently smashed android tablet had no CD with it. To find out how to do everything I wanted/needed I simply searched for an online/downloadable manual and looked at a couple of forums to see what other people saw go right and wrong. It got me where I wanted - now I probably have to do it all over again once I get a new one.

Hi Vaterie,

I'm going to try to upload an HTC User Guide (pdf form) for you in case you haven't one already. I have a Mac, also the s'ware called HTC Sync Manager App, I imagine it'd be an .exe file for a Windows PC. Not sure how I came to have it, don't think I had an installation disc.

Actually, I never use it. I just select all the photos I want to upload in "gallery" (otherwise you have to upload them one by one) and blue tooth them to my Mac.

Another option, actually a version of cloud, is Dropbox, which you may find you already have installed. Just put all your photos in there in the same way Brian English said to do – I believe you can set it up to happen automatically as with cloud – and open on your PC.

I had an iphone before, changed to this HTC-One a year ago because I wanted a good camera and more options. I cursed it for a few weeks until I got the hang of it and love it now. Mind you, I have excellent wifi which helps!

I'm not 100% sure but you may need a bluetooth dongle (they are about a fiver on the internet) to transmit from computer wi-fi to the phone. It's what I needed to transfer stuff from my computer to my Palm Pilot as a USB cable wouldn't work. The dongle comes with a driver on CD. Hope this tallies with someone elses idea

Brian E. you beat me to it. definitely Cloud, and I am just checking but I believe you get a site free with Orange with an internet connection - and it works with all portable units. take a look at Orange and see what it says.

We (mosaic books) hold all our books on Cloud.Helps in shoving very big files around at the very least! Plus you don't lose anything, although I am still an ancient 'belts & braces man' having three sets of other back-ups - memory sticks, computer external hard drive and dvd. No way I'm losing Five years work and 22GB of effort!

Hello Valerie

We have had lots of different smart phones HTC included and we download an app called "dropbox" onto our phone and onto our laptop/computer. I go out take photos and then walk back in the house and the phone uploads the photos onto the laptop automatically via WIFI. The only time it causes a problem is when the phone is low on battery so all I do is charge the phone and the process continues automatically.

The photos can then be found in my images file on the laptop.

It is really easy and touch wod not been a problem in 2 years. This app also moves spreadsheets and updates them and I guess whatever else you like.

Good luck