HTM Android problem

It should be connected via the Livebox and supposedly Bluetooth (except the laptop couldn't locate it). Already downloaded OneDrive onto the laptop - simples - so will try the phone (using that word loosely, at the moment it's good for nothing except looking pretty) tomorrow and see if I can link them. You'll hear the Eureka if successful, the sobbing if not ...

Oooh that sounds interesting. I can do that on the laptop now. With the I-hate-this-phone-phone would that still work with 2G (I don't think we have 3G anywhere near us). If so, I'll try balancing on a mole hill on one leg leaning to the left tomorrow and see if I can at least get a signal and try to download it. Assuming of course the SIM does actually work and I have any credit left. Speaking of credit, does installing/using the cloud suck up the credit?

Thanks guys. I'd been looking around at suppliers, Peter, and the nearest is an hour there/back by car so not worth it yet for the experimental 8 photos I took. If I fill it a bit, definitely.

I can't see an SSD slot Nick unless it's buried under the battery pack or something, only 2 SIM slots (it keeps telling me there's no SIM either!). Seriously, I've lost the will to live with the bloody thing. Why did the dog have to eat my Blackberry? It was soooo easy compared to this.

Windows troubleshoot tells me there's no Spreadtrum driver. I've tried downloading a variety of files (which is always scary in itself as you never know the source - there's nothing on the Spreadtrum site itself that I could see) but the laptop wouldn't recognise them as drivers. Maybe the files need configuring or something weird. There was not .exe among any of them, simply .rar files. Since all this my Intel RST service has stopped running as well. I'm feeling very tempted to simply go back to a restore point and put the phone in the bin. And I got it wrong - it's not an HTC, it's a knock off probably, HTM.

I need to take the kid to a mate's in half an hour. If i get a signal on route I'll try to email myself again. It simply fails in the house and won't know if that's a SIM problem until I get a signal. I thought phones were meant to be fun ...

That's not a bad idea Peter, can you fit a micro ssd card in that phone? If you can, then you should be able to copy the files to the SSD card, put that in a micro ssd caddy and plug that in your laptop.

You can always email the very important pictures off , to make sure you don't lose them.

Have you tried plugging the phone into another PC to see if you get different results?

Can you give us exact details on the handset, so I can investigate to see if there are known issues.

Which version of Windows are you using?




Go to your (any) phone supplier and ask to have the SIM card, which, techies tell me I ma wrong please, contains your photos. Pug that into your PC and that might work, then of course get the SIM card put back.

Or of course I am talking the usual load of horse stuff!!!

But on your initial question, I am as puzzled as you and everyone else is.



I know exactly what you mean.....frustrating being a technophobe isn't it. I'm amazed a 5 year old girl/boy hasn't replied yet and sorted you out. So, why, windows is blocking you, heaven only!! Brian and Nick amongst many others of course.

I can only wish you, bon courage

That just deleted my whole reply. Short form - it won't let me access "UBS mass storage" on the phone, won't highlight. Trying to download a different driver but Windows is blocking it and keeps defaulting to the recommended one (which doesn't work). Going back to bed soon.

To be perfectly honest I can't remember if mine came with a disc or not. And, apparently the last time I was connected was April last year...

At the top of the phone when you first plug it in to the computer and it gives you the options is there one saying SYNC with pc ? With mine there is and I did, but where the software comes from god only knows...

Perhaps give that a try if you have that option (the SYNC option)??? I am also a bit of a caveman I'm afraid.

Good luck!

No, it didn't Robert, only the charger/USB. When I connect with the USB, the phone comes up with options for charge, USB tethering or USB virtual drive. The laptop will show drive G: CDRom with an RAR archive file in it. I think I'm missing something REALLY obvious.

Did it not come with a disk?

And does it not ask you how you want it to be device or ??? Mine does but then I tghink I had a disk originally which came with the phone. Same phone as yours. I'll plug mine in in a minute and see what it says these days... should've done that first I know....