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does anyone know why I cannot see this post, nor the previous one where someone was asking for contact details?

I am a bit worried. I hope it is simply a technical reason why i cannot view it;



Hi John, thanks for that clarification. My intention was not to open up that discussion on water science yet again although it does interest me as I still need to resolve my hard water problems.

Whatever the science, I believe that the Cyan units were promoted as offering a similar result as a salt based system - but for a fraction of the price. I was taken in. For me it does not deliver.

Like most others I suspect, I don't really care how the machine works but I want a nice clean shower room without calcium deposits as well as kettles and washing machines that don't fowl up. I know I can have this with a "conventional" machine for many hundreds of euros - but I am concerned about the environmental impact of all that salt. I also understand that the reverse osmosis systems are not without their faults.

Any advice would be much appreciated.



The issue Geoff is they are not really water softeners as they don't remove hardness. They cause the calcium to change form to a softer version which does work but on the original thread I commented that the sellers really didn't understand. They sell a unit for two bed house, three bed house etc but what is needed is a note/test of how hard the water is at the supply. Only then can you determine what power of unit you would need to have an effect.

No one listened because who takes notice of someone who knows what they are doing against a load of people saying "lovely" who don't, water is a science, sales people are just interested in one thing €€€.

I spend a lot of my time putting things right that others haven't done properly but they get the money and usually there is little funds left to change things for the better.

Caveat Emptor

Hi Geoff

I removed the post as the link to the supplier was broken so the post was of little use to visitors and reflected poorly on the quality of our content.

If you want to discuss it further please give me a call on 0558915706


I am sorry to press the point but over the years there has been much discussion about the effectiveness or otherwise of these water softners. I bought one and in my opinion they do not work. I am not alone in this conclusion although the reason I bought it in the first place was because others on this forum waxed lyrical about them.

Now someone else is saying that they have a problem and that the Cyan website no longer exists and is asking for their contact details - and their posting on the subject has been removed from the SFN site.

Of course SFN relies on revenue from promoting some businesess and I have no problem with this in principle - but I was wondering if this in some way could influence which posts are allowed on the forum and which are removed.

The page has been removed Geoff