Huge queues as French customs staff stage Eurostar Brexit drill

I was far more interested in the ‘hate posts’ that came with the article. I knew that many English hate France even more than the EU, but had never seen quite so much hard evidence. Mind you with the CGT and Gilets Jaunes on our side how can we fail? If it needs explaining - I am being sarcastic!

Expect more and more intense anti-EU rhetoric once we leave.

After all, what is easier - finally admitting that you asked the impossible or blaming someone else for the fact that you didn’t get what you wanted (although with Brexit, knowing what you wanted would be start).


Have just arrived in the uk via Eurotunnel. Despite reading of horrendous queues, our satnav’s insistence that the A16 was closed, and we should make a detour (we didn’t) it was ok. About 50 mins to get through customs though as they are making extra checks.

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Yes all logic and common sense has gone out of the window, but I read that the Evening Standard was one the few ‘remain’ publications? On that basis I was surprised at the vehemence. Bit sad really not that I have that much in common with Britain any more, other than an occasional short chat with my brother in (gulp!) Wigan! shudder, shudder

Funny how I remember the Customs checks from the boat train trips? They could take a while I recall, Remeber the film ‘The Innocents in Paris’? That was about my era!

Once upon a time Brighton was also an access point, and think was for the Hovercraft? Could be wrong about that, but I remember a snot-nosed Customs Official there who insisted on writing down that I had arrived with ’ a young woman from France’ as if she were some sort of tart, and he was incredibly rude to her. I made suitable noises about this unril a Senior Customs guy turned up - equally snooty and offensive, although when I pointed out for the umpteenth time that the ‘young woman from France’ happened to be my legal wife he at least eased off a bit.

Arrogant bastards - I bet they are really looking forward to the return of those days?

These extra checks are supposed to show us what it will be like post Brexit. I reckon we may have got off lightly as we weren’t particularly inconvenienced, but it was fairly early this morning and it may well be far worse later in the day.
Have to say that the customs officials were actually all very pleasant!!

Funny how experince creates our memories doesn’t it? In my life and before the EU I would/could have produced a list which I suppose would have reflected National characteristics. Overall I would say that in Europe the worst Customs officials were those in Poland and Latvia. The most surprisingly pleasant were in Estonia and Ukraine. The most disinterested (curiously?) Russians and even the French to be honest. The jolliest - the Italians and even the Turks which surprised me. The Indians were far and away the most courteous, and I include the Nepalese in this. Although I did a lot of business with Japan and China I never actually got to visit them - but the Taiwanese were great. I didn’ t care for the Thais though, especially the female ones. Most others were basically anonymous even at the road border crossings where things had a tendency to get a bit fraught on occasion. Many people have no knowledge or memories of the huge queues of cars and trucks across Europe - when there weren’t even as many vehicles on the roads as there are today! Austria/Germany I remember as being incredible - literally hours to cross.

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Damned, I am mort de rire ! Hahaha you are right, they hate us so much !!! I hold my glass of wine to french bashing. I think it will never stop.

I received a text message from Eurostar advising me against travelling on Monday.

I am not blaming customs staff though, and need to go so will brave the queues.

Maxime, I am sure you are right - with the current situation in the UK I fear it will only get worse! They will HAVE to blame someone else, and sure as God made little apples, they will revert to the ‘old enemy’ France and the later one of the EU in general.