Hugh fernly whateverhis name is

I just want to say that before moving here I thought he was the dogs …you know what but after now being here for yonks I can see his programme is aimed at the majority of people who will never get to actually do his stuff as he makes it all out to be a labour of love ,when in the real world with the people who are actually growing their own and rearing their own its bloody hard graft and things go more wrong than right and he does not show that mainly because he has an army of people to do all the back breaking and boring stuff which in my book makes him a big fat phoney an I wont watch him anymore …

I saw ONE of Sophie’s ‘cookery’ programmes. I think with the same production team, some good makeup and a Clifton Suspension Bridge type bra, I think I could do just as well. I’d even shave my chest.

I got into trouble with my first book as the reviewer (hiss, boo: Sue Gaisford) thought my dress too short on the back cover. Never had the need for scaffolding in the bra dept though…

Health & Safety Warning:

Clifton Suspension Bridge Bras are very dangerous when digging the garden and you can't see the ground - easily put a fork through your foot!!!! :)

Yeah that's really weird 'cos Rachel used to be bordering on the clinical laboratory approach but they've gone and made her all fluffed up and make-upy - don't really care its just the fooooooooooood I'm into. Anyway must dash and renew the lipgloss before I pickle me onions! And back to Hugh - I love the photos in his books.

Did I mention that he was ugly as well I agree about the Nigella comment she gets on my wick to but the clifton suspension bridge bra I wear mine all the time and I lourve raiding the fridge …

Rachel Allen and Sophie Dahl are also in the same genre - all pouting and boobs.

And if its any compensation Nigella Lawson really gets on my nerves but I don't feel I need to wear a Clifton Suspension Bridge type bra or poutingly raid the fridge at one in the morning to cook some of her better recipes!!!! : )

That made me laugh out loud!

Some really good points there Suzie.

In his River Cottage Book (his first I think) he suggests that you draw a line - the one end representing fast food, non organic, junk food etc, and the other end the fully sustainable "Good Life" ideal. He says that you should place yourself at any point on that line that is a reflection of your true aims for your lifestyle AND BE HAPPY WITH THAT. I reckon I fall somewhere in the middle, as like most people, I don;t want to make my life too difficult.

I think old Hugh is just showing us the possibilities that can be achieved.

Steve too has some valid points - it is hard work, sometimes backbreaking to emulate the type of life that he portrays on TV - Hover, as we all know, its TV, and there is more than a bit of creative license going on there.

I have to admit, I am a big fan.

Well now it is a TV prog. It is entertainment - with a bit of knowledge, a bit of dreamland (for those who have to spend their days commuting and office bound - poor sods) and a bit of inspiration even for those who ‘are doing IT already’. Honestly, would it not be mind numbingly boring to watch half an hour of Hugh weeding his own asparagus patch. Of course the whole thing is backed up with an army of workers and anyone with a brain realises this. I don’t think anyone actually believes he does the whole thing on his own - its not meant to suggest that surely? It’s a bit like the labour of love cookery shows - no one wants to watch an oven cooking for 45 mins - that’s the ‘here’s one I made early’ that saves us from that. I like the stuff that Hugh does and I (and a lot of my chums) are deeply grateful for his homemade raised Pork Pie recipe alone. We’d all love to have an army of folks digging over the ground, boning out the pig, and screaming at the sky when the weather isn’t performing but just 'cos it’s tough at the sharp end of self or even partial self-sufficiency doesn’t mean I’m going to stop watching Hugh - he’s not a phoney - he’s just giving folks an insight without the boring/frustrating bits and I really think most people understand this. No one believes he is a one man wonder. And if its any compensation Nigella Lawson really gets on my nerves but I don’t feel I need to wear a Clifton Suspension Bridge type bra or poutingly raid the fridge at one in the morning to cook some of her better recipes!!! : )