Since I've registered the paperwork has started to come through and I've got a couple of bits from a company called Humanis.

Reading other threads it seems that this company are related to pensions? I selected La Ram on my options for health care, do I have to complete the forms for this company to ensure I get pension contributions? And, are they charging for this? (I wondered if it was a tout for business rather than something necessary)

courage ! ;-)

Thanks Andrew.

I start translating this stuff and get half way through and start to realise it isn't relevant at all!

My fault, if I spoke French I wouldn't struggle as much!

You have to sign up to one of the companies to provide cover for any employees - no you won't have any and so you won't have to pay anything but you have to sign up to one in the event you do...! I think you've already got the gist of how things work here, Karen, this is just another example. (I was with réunica for the four years I was an AE and never paid a penny).

Looking through another envelope full of stuff from Humanis apparently I am registered with them and have a certificate and reference number - and, there are no forms to fill in in that envelope!

The other one seems to be if I have a collective agreement with my staff - no staff. Do I still have to fill it in with Non splattered all over it and send it back?