Hungry in Hospital, what to do?

The SAMU were very kind in collecting me from home where I broke the neck of my femur, and delivering me to hospital.
I have been well treated by the staff, but I am actually starving in here, and it does not seem to matter to anyone.
Since I live alone I have no family to bring in food.
I am a vegetarian and all I am offered is either meat or fish dishes, or a box of plain boiled rice, a box of boiled courgettes and endless pots of apple sauce, and slices of bread.
Often the menu will mention a green salad, but it never arrives.
I have tried asking to see a dietician, but this seems not possible. When I moved from the main hospital to the SSR I did see a lady who took a list of food that I eat, but they simply do not understand a balanced diet. Today I was offered pork pate and gherkins.
Besides being extremely hungry, I am not really eating the right food to get better.
I am expected to be in here for another month.
I wish I could send out for food.
What does anyone else do?

I think you’ll just have to be persistent and push for some suitable food especially if you’re going to be in the SSR for a month. Do you have any friends who could bring some fruit or salad to you?

I am pushing, and I am trying to draw other people’s attention to this serious problem from outside the hospital.
They simply shrug their shoulders in here.
I can honestly say the pain in my belly is far worse than the one in my leg.


I agree that the meals are not necessarily what one finds at home… but there has always been fruit, cheese and vegetables (in some form) on my meal tray… along with whatever meat (which I appreciate you will not touch).

Are you able to converse well in French… or have you found an English speaker at the hospital who can help you get your point across ??? Sounds to me that the message has not got through.

good luck…

That’s bloody awful Lois - I’d be going mad with them!!! Possibly not the best approach though lol!

Is this delivery service any good where you are? (Not sure where you are exactly)

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Thank you Stella, I speak French fluently.


Then I cannot understand why your needs have not been understood and sorted… and surely you could eat everything a hospital (or whatever) has to offer except for meat products…

What do folk say when you ask for more… and/or tell them you are hungry ?? What does the Doctor say about all this…??.

Doctor has not been around for over a week. He is aware I have diarreah.
I was asked by a woman what I would eat, she took notes. I have photographed all meals. By now it is getting more difficult to eat at all. Breakfast is bread with butter and confiture and yoghourt, which is ok. I get through one slice, but then bread is part of all meals.
The items are listed on a sheet, though not everything listed appears. Mostly a meal is a box of dry rice, or spiral pasta, a box of braised cougettes plainly cooked with chicken, maybe a braised endive cooked with meat gravy. Today, grated carrot in vinaigrette, that was a step towards fresh vegetables.
The green salad on the menu never came. Last night a badly bruised banana, today a small peach with worm holes. But that is better than endless pots of apple sauce. Last night I got pork pate and gherkins, which I was assured was vegetarian, because the kitchen sent it.
At the last place I could get very old boiled egg twice daily. I avoided that because the sulphurous offering made me throw up when I first tried it. It has a plastic rubbery texture. I have a bit of an upset stomach right now, but haven’t thrown up for the last week.
I have this feeling that I have been dropped in from another planet. I am hoping I can get beamed up soon.

What did they say when you told them you are vegetarian and require a proper meal without meat or fish but with a proper quantity of protein?

They told me vegetarians eat fish. I have been asked if I am a vegan. But frankly that would be worse since the only nod towards protein is a slither of cheese. I really want some walnuts or something with protein.
I am supposed to be growing bone over the screws they have put in, but have no fuel to make the bone grow. Even though I have no Vitamin D, as shown in blood tests, it is not prescribed. Maybe I will get some next week? I have last four kilos in weight. I got weighed this morning at my request.

Was my link above any good Lois ?

Tell them exactly what you don’t eat, but give them solutions as well, make suggestions of what they can give you: almonds, nuts of all sorts, cheese, yoghurt, pulses and grains mixed etc are easy and they should be able to manage that, if you eat eggs they should be able to make omelette for goodness’ sake. You could point out the weight loss and ask them how they imagine you can build bone if you are starving. If you insist they should get on with it. Have you got a neighbour or someone who can do some shopping for you? You should be having about 5 little meals a day really, to get better.
Whereabouts are you?
Which hospital are you in?

I am in Perigueux. My neighbours are near Abjat. One set has been twice, and they are also feeding my cat every evening. The other cat has gone in kennels but this cat is so shy he hides until people have gone before he will eat. They brought some nice small tomatoes. One can only ask so much of a neighbour. They bought me baby wipes, and a pen, and some tea.
Another neighbour does the morning feed. She has supplied some food, for me and the cat, and bought me a pair of Super U pyjamas to save me embarrassment at going to the Kine in a backless hospital gown.
Another neighbour took the clothes I had come in with and has washed them. She bought some apples which were very welcome.
I have asked here for nuts but have been told they don’t do them. Flaked almonds would be good. pulses and grains and nuts and fresh vegetables are what I normally eat. I also eat lots of berries and various fruits.

If you give your neighbours money and a shopping list then they could do a shop for you, or maybe there’s an online shop that could deliver. Is there anyone on SF who could do it??? I’m in Germany at the moment so it is a bit far…

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La Vie Claire rue Limogeanne in Perigueux should have what you need, their number is 05 53 53 43 32, the boss is called Pascal Avrilleux, if you ring or email they may be able to sort you out. You can do your shop online and it looks as if they deliver. (I don’t know them but google is my friend :wink:)

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Thanks Veronique.

Lois I hate to ask again but did you look at the PĂ©rigueux food delivery service I posted earlier?

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Probably not but the cats have been fed.



Hi Lois…

I’ve just remembered that when I was last in hospital… they gave me a brochure/package which clearly showed not only how I could expect to be treated but all the extra comforts that were available with contact names numbers… I’ve seen them before in other health establishments. (CHU Limoge and St Yriex are almost like second homes :wink: )

Did you get something like this ??

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Thanks Stella, No I didnt get a brochure, but I came in with Samu