Hungry to Learn French?

So you’ve taken the plunge and are living the dream in France. GENIAL!

MAIS... do you regret not having tried a bit harder beforehand to master those bothersome little details of what we all have to agree is actually one of the world’s most beautiful, not to mention useful, languages?

We’re sure that it’s with anything but nostalgia that most you look back on the hours spent in French classes at school and eagerly awaited the day when you would no longer be obliged to trawl through grammar books and recite conjugations and vocabulary lists……….argh!

It’s fair to say that the stereotype of Anglophones not being great at learning languages is not entirely without basis, but it’s also true that learning French is by no means easy. NE PANIQUEZ PAS, help is at hand - “Cuisinez-vous le français?” our newly launched project, holds the solution to improving your French – gastronomically!

The concept was cooked up by Thibault le Marié of LANGUE & NATURE, a company based near Laval in the Mayenne. With more than 30 years’ experience as a specialist in language immersion courses for adults and teenagers, the company is acutely aware of the difficulties that everyone must overcome when learning French – an awareness that has been channelled into “Cuisinez-vous le français?”.

The concept is deceptively simple but highly original and, most importantly, very effective: videos combining a French grammar rule and a quintessentially French recipe are released to subscribers on a weekly basis. These videos, each approximately four minutes in length, are entirely in French (although the option of subtitles and a choice of three different speeds ensure that viewers are never left floundering). They are presented by a French language instructor and a professional chef.

Repetition is at the heart of language learning, and this is facilitated by the videos which include cookery-related vocabulary and language rules. Subscribers can watch and listen to the videos an unlimited number of times and are encouraged to read the subtitles out loud. This style of repetition enables each subscriber to practise regularly and to maximise their progress each week.

The cookery element is no less important than the language side; indeed, a desire to learn more about French cooking is as good a reason as any to subscribe. The recipes are as a varied as the grammar rules and the setting of the 19th-century château’s authentic kitchen makes it clear that Cuisinez-vous le français? is as much about learning to cook as it is about learning French.

For a taste of how it works – have a look at this sample recipe:

Perhaps best of all, subscribing to “Cuisinez-vous le français?” only costs €52 a year – a fraction of the price of a more conventional and, let’s face it, dreary online course. And what’s more, you can benefit from a two month discount by using the coupon code “lostinfrench”

So, what are you waiting for? “À TABLE!”

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