Hurray for the Cops

Burgled Sunday afternoon (wrong house mate no jewellery here). Finally got the cops to show up around 20h00 - 3 of them, they were nice, they made the children feel safe again, they showed us where they thought the security was poor.

Monday morning the NCI bloke turns up, fingerprints here and there, even took a teatowel for poss DNA. Also amused the children and played a bit with their little sleuth kit.

Today, Wednesday, they've arrested someone courtesy of the fingerprints, he'll be up before the tribunal tomorrow.

Vive la France, vive les flics I say

Uff, that's astonishingly fast! Good job!

Very good story...

Except for one goofy fine for driving on my English licence...years ago...(that was refunded.).....French policemen have always been very kind, helpful and polite.

Thanks... French cops, for 20 years good service.

This is brilliant, our friends in the UK were burgurled a couple of weeks ago, still waiting for a visit, in the end they went to the police station and gave the numberplate of the robber's car as neighbour noted it - no action as yet nor will there be as they live in an odd numbered house. See Uk numbers on police ignoring UK odd numbered hosue thefts!!

Great news about le flics though, we should publicise this in the UK!!

The fingerprint was in the system so yes it was one of the regulars, and I felt that one of the cops might have had an inkling when they were here, but no doubt at all it was the fingerprint what done for him.

Thanks for the compliment Peter, but I must say it doesn't feel like a good news story exactly

Get yourself a male English Bull terrier and a female French Bulldog (the boss of the pair - would tackle a Rottie!), and funnily enough we've never been burgled!


Many thanks for a good start to my day having a spontaneous chortle!! :-)

Well done Steve, it's good to hear positive stories on this site for a change.

I spoke with my insurance agent the other day. He is based in Ruffec, a smallish town in the north Charente in a fairly rural area. I live about one hours drive from there in a town of about twice the population.

I asked him how business was going and he told me the biggest problem in his area was burglary. He said the increase in such crimes had shot up considerably and the police were almost powerless to keep up with the problem. It seems the criminals are coming in from 'the smoke', spending a few days at a time in the area and doing their business before leaving the area for a week or so and then returning to do more burglaries.

Fingers crossed, there is no such problem in my town...for the moment !

Every restaurant we had in London was burgled more than once. Most of the times

by junkies who caused disruption, made a mess and we could never claim for the damage on the insurance

policy as the the first 200 pounds [or so] was down to us. They often broke glass windows and drunk some cognac. There was never cash to take....just an open till with change. So it was reported to the police....of course...who

did almost nothing on any occasion. When I had my identity stolen a few years ago....the activities of theft

and fraudulent activities took place in London and I gathered evidence and pics for the police. The police

were not interested and declared that they did not have the recources to look into the matter.

So unlike the attitude of our local bobbies in N Warwickshire/S Leicestershire who regarded most burglaries as scum robbing scum

Exactly Michael ! :-)

Sounds to me that they knew who the burglar was before they got there.

Well it didn't happen to me when I was burgled twice in the UK. Kent Police just did not want to know. They laughed when I asked about fingerprints The first time they stole a chainsaw, a case of good red wine, a large box of King Edward Cigars, and a carton of chewing gum (my wife was trying to stop smoking). The Police said straight out that they hadn't a clue where to start. My suggestion that they looked for a wine drinking, cigar smoking, gum chewing lumberjack didn't go down too well.

Jolly good Steve but…isn’t that what they’re supposed to do aka their job?