Hurricane Sandy

Well we had flooding in France last week and that was bad enough, but nothing compared to what you guys stateside are experiencing /are about to experience.

We are too far away to be of any practical help but we wanted to express our complete and utter sympathy for what you are going through.

I know lots of you have family members, friends and neighbours in the areas that are affected. We hope you and your loved ones all stay safe.

Please keep us updated and if you have any photos / links / info, please post here so that we can share it with others.

Stay safe.

Catharine and James xx

I too want to send all good wishes and 'bon courage' to all of those being affected by my namesake. And ,yes, Alexander (Sandy) I'm getting emails , facebook messages etc .etc. from friends all over the world asking me to stop!! If only us nice Sandies could stop this catastrophe, I know that we would.

Any chance it will blow away Romney before he gets the chance to blow up the world?

Crane collapses in Manhattan