Husky lost at Chancelade & Am.Staffie at Neuvic(24)

The Neuvic one has been missing a while, I’m there a few times a week at the moment running my son to be social / rugby (as of last night). I’ll keep an eye out.

2 American Staffies in a week though. Unusual.

Yes that is odd. I’m not even sure what one looks like :rofl: :rofl: which now I think about it won’t help me keep an eye out for it!

Are the staffie breed classed as dangerous in France?

Not the Staffordshire, but I think the American Staffordshire is, as it is thought to be close to a Pit Bull. I believe it is determined by measureing the skull, or some such abject nonsense.

Staffies generally, like all breeds brought up and treated correctly, make wonderful gentle pets.


Totally agree, I hope they will be found safe and sound.

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American staffs are classified as dangerous or attack dogs but not the squatty Staffordshire terriers. One of my two dogs is 50% Amstaff and therefore a ‘pitbull’ in France - he’s more a danger to himself than anything else. And the dog that raced out of a garden to try and attack my boy when he was young was a squatty staffordshire. The Amstaff was only a puppy and he ran away terrified so which is the more dangerous … plus the most dog bites that require hospital treatment in France (this was a few years ago so may have changed) are caused by the good old labrador. As David so, so correctly points out, it’s usually the environment they live in that dictates their behaviour, not the breed.


Yes, I have pointed out that Lab fact several times, because it applies in the uk too I think, but we must reserve judgement on the validity of it because there are more of them. :wink:

Nevertheless, danger has nothing whatever to do with breed (or size), other than the popularity of some breeds with irresponsible or evil people.