"I am a mole and I live in hole"

My back garden 'lawn' looks like the pyramids of Egypt have arrived. This is the second year at our house and after working on the house, this year is the year the garden will be tackled but I need to evict the moles first - next door hasn't got them so why me ? Any serious suggestions please..........

They like soft soil, I thought ours had disappeared when we had the heat wave, but no, back thy came with the rain.

Traps can be effective, but you have to find the run.

The only thing I can contribute on the subject is this brilliant bit of stand up from Jasper Carrott :)

Strikes me that part of the clove with the root node will still grow and the result could be garlic sprouting through grass...

They aerate the soil and apart from eating a few worms and making little mounds do no harm. We have lots of them and seem to be none the worst for it.

Hi, we have been plagued with the Moles till now, simple Garlic, cut a clove in half and slightly crush, scoop the top of the mole hill to find the hole and pop a piece of garlic into each hole, so far Non have come back, might have to repeat it.


I would love a solution to this problem too as we seem to have a small colony of moles living with us.