I am quite warming to this man! (Spoiler alert!)

Did they? Perhaps we don’t watch the same programmes as you and the local neighbours know nothing about it :smile:

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Interesting on trains and helped save Settle - Carlisle. But an unapologetic Tory who supported Thatcher and the bargain basement sell-off of public assets.
Letting them get away with it has culminated in Boris Johnson, compulsive liar as PM and representing the UK to the world!
Bad behaviour should be nipped in the bud. Give them an inch and they’ll take a mile, or in this case the Royal Mail.

He’s had some quite nice sinecures to tide him.over, courtesy of the Big Money he has loyally served for so long. Look up his history.

He is brilliant. He did a documentary around and I loved it. Seemed really down to Earth and informative. He used to put me off when he was in politics but I changed.

Couldn’t agree more.

Just don’t work for her.

Worse than Priti Patel?

Yup. :scream::scream:

OMG - not good.

Have you worked for her?


Just call me Poirot!