I cannot access any FRENCH NEWS web page! Hackers at work?

Does anyone else have problems reading news, especially relating to the current terrorism, on these sites :






To be honest I have tried some others but cannot remember, and the only one left which does not redirect me to a Weight Loss American weird website is Le Parisien.

Sometimes I can stay on the (listed above) pages until I try to open an article relating to the terrorist events.

It s a bit scary as I feel targeted.

Also I should say I bought a new Mac Pro a month ago, then after seeing these bugs I downloaded (bought) the Norton antivirus for Macs, and it still does it.

Coincidence probably but my phone has gone all weidr as well.

OK, ca c 'est le plus fort!

Now that you ask, for the first time since Friday I can go onto all the French newspapers and radios pages!

I can't help thinking this is weird. I will try again later, tomorrow etc and as soon I have this media black out I post the link here.

What page do you get directed to? Could you post a link?

but how can it be then that people can access those French online news magazines/radio and I can't, and I always get directed to the same stupid page? My phone, a basic Xperia phone now won't open up the internet and switches itself on and off randomly. I can't help feeling paranoid and low...

I would find it very hard to believe that the target of any malware would be to stop you viewing French news stations.

Lucky for you there are several Mac Gurus on this site and I'm sure they will have you fixed up in no time.

well that s not reassuring for me, it means that I have a targeted malware, in spite of using a new Mac and buying Norton antivirus, barring me from all French news specifically as other webpages are fine.

They are all working fine for me Tess