I cannot get enough

of this song! Dean Ford - Reflections of My Life - Produced by Joe Tansin - YouTube
I remember this song from my youth, but I don’t recall being so moved by it.
It seems I have blanked a lot from those years :thinking:


(((((( :heart: ))))))

Lily thanks for sharing. Never heard it before. It’s just beautiful. And the video with the comments underneath is superb.
Changed my mind - I think I do remember it - I’ve been trawling spotify and found Marmalade’s original recording. Means more as we age I suspect.

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Lily, I remember this song and this version is poignant and beautiful. I have just bought it now from the itunes store. I can remember from my childhood ‘Ob La Di Ob La Da’ also by Marmalade. Thank you for taking me back to those times, happy days…

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Yes, seeing the young and aged Dean Ford singing in some of the frames was moving. He had Parkinsons and died in 2018 :frowning_face:

I think so too :thinking: