I had my identity stolen in summer 2010

It was in summer of 2010. I was looking at my London based bank's statement and I noticed

something mighty odd...a transaction which was clearly nothing to do with me. I Live here in France

and maintain my account in W London where I lived and worked for a life time. The statements would

arrive here from time to time as if they had flown down south on a feather. The account, in the eyes

of the great bankers was one which was rarely observed and my questions regarding my identity THEFT and subsiquant STOLEN ofunds ask for all eyes and ears to be directed at the bank itself....AND

indeed all banks....the establishements used as purchase points of sale.

May I add that this was a credit card incident which involved a card no....the card never left my

handbag ...my handbag remained safe at all times.

I will tell you about the purchases....the bank and the London Police.

I thought that some of you may like to offer your experiences with similar incidences.

In my buisness, by the way we come accross lots of scammers and strange happenings.

More stories on the horizon....A visit to the expresso machine and a little work is essential.

Need to work on an itinerary for my Easter Clients and get a contract out for a

3 WEEK reservation.