I have heared that the NHS is planning to send teams to teach

Teams from UK hospitals to other coutries in order to raise money to fund UK

What are your thoughts on this subject?


I must laugh ..just for a change.

I would be mighty suprised if the French would invite NHS staff over here to teach

the French something which they seem to do really well.

Not to say that their should not be a chance of you applying for a position

in a French hospital when you have the correct French qualifications...

Bed and Breakfast is hard work....so, yes tackle that before you get old

as the vertebrae gets into a mess after all the neat tucks and folds....NOT

to mention the ironing...it never stops.

OHH I could show them a thing or two!

I am a UK NHS Nurse.. I work in the operating theatres. If i thought i could get a job in France using my nursing skills I would jump at it, but my French will never be good/confident enough unless they have English speaking ex pat type hospitals. which is why I will have to resort to taking early retirement and running a gite/B&B while i am young enough LOL to make the beds for guests rather than patients!!!

Apparently the UK government is urging the NHS Trusts to sell their services to other countries to raise money. Currently NHS Networks is running a poll on this:

Should NHS trusts look to raise money by providing services in other countries?

The government is urging NHS trusts to sell their services abroad. It could raise extra funds in the age of austerity but campaigners worry it will distract trusts from their local priorities. Should NHS trusts look to raise money by providing services in other countries?

Suzanne I am sure that your Aunty would love to be re located to France but
I somehow doubt that the French goverment would get involved with recruiting
knowledge and staff from UK.
Possibly the other way round?
Not sure how easy it is for a UK resident to get work in a hospital here.
Their French would need to be spot on.
No room for getting it wrong and mixing up left from right or leg for arm.
Perhaps if auty loves France she should concider coming here to live when she
has retired from the NHS.
Yes you should introduce her to survive France.

my aunty is an NHS Nurse I'm sure she'd love to be exported - far better than staying in the UK under the threat of redundancy every week. Depends on the location though - can they choose? She'd choose France. She would be a great addition to the French Health System and I'd love to have her as my nurse if I was ever in Hospital. She just needs to learn to speak French better...I should suggest SFN to her - there are lots of interesting articles about France on here.

I was interested to learn more about it.

It would be a good idea but....surely if UK sends some of her best hospital staff

abroad the problems which exsist within the UK system will be enhansed.

Looking at the NHS from afar it looks as if it is under strain.

Perhaps the French could offer the same service?

Our hospitals here are good.

Bed side manner needs teaching. It is not only about surgery and medication

but keeping the spirits as high as possible with a sick person....not forgetting nutrition.

I don't know much about this subject Barbara. What's the full SP on it?

If they are proposing that UK hospital staff are sent to teach other countries how to run hospitals and that can earn the NHS a bit of money, then I see nothing against it,so long as it is not to the detriment of the UK health service in terms of staff shortages etc.

oohps...BUT the typing error was changed...to teach.