I know this refers to Portugal but

Gov info re ex-pat rights in Portugal
I’m fully aware that this is France and this legislation applies only to Portugal but it is quite possible that the other EU countries, France included will embrace similar rules. Anyway, it is remarkable in its compassion and understanding for the pickle in which ex-pats now find themselves. Of course, the rider is the last para which states quite simply that this only applies if the UK reciprocates. Given that the idiot bojo is babbling about a points system, this may be a problem.

Cheers John.

I think most EU countries have offered/issued this basic agreement for their UK residents.

I know that France issued guidance along similar lines earlier this year.

France was just about the first country to do so… But just about every country has included a statement about reciprocity, why would they do anything else when they want to protect their own nationals.