I need life to return to normal

So I can have a dinner party and make this as a desert! (Just watched them doing it on the Great British Bakeoff - What fun!) I mean talk about one-upmanship. :rofl:

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I actually found it a bit creepy…! All those needles and dyes, and all that effort! And then gone in seconds…

I thought it was beautiful… but, with my hands, I could never make anything like it…

However, I make a yummy chocolate brandy cake… which only needs to be thrown together… I can do that OK… :wink: :+1:

Not sure I can believe this, would need to sample it first :wink:

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OH gets very upset when I give portions to the neighbours… :rofl: :rofl: but it’s too rich to eat all by ourselves…

One time, I used Grand Marnier as the alcohol, so I popped some homemade candied orange peel … on top… and the whole thing was just as delicious… hic

(but I would never again go through the effort of hmade candied peel… )


Looks absolutely yummy. Methinks the brandy fumes rising from the cake began to affect the precision with which you placed the darling walnuts halfway through… but I expect everyone was too sozzled to notice… :hugs::innocent::heavy_check_mark:

my hands are wobbly at the best of times… and, as you say, with fumes rising… not a chance of things being done “beautifully”… but this particular recipe is always delicious and well received… :hugs: :+1: :+1:

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