I need to sell my Percheronne mare

Due to a series of unrelated, and certainly unexpected, series of health problems, I find that I need to sell my 7 year old Percheronne mare. In the 14 months I have owned her I managed to work with her, probably, a total of 2 weeks!!! She has been broken to ride, but I haven’t managed that. I have been training her to work the land - mainly with a view to ‘debardage’ in our small wood - and she has taken to it with relish and has been happily harrowing a small acreage in preparation for reseeding.

She has full papers (Cheval de trait as her grandmother was not a registered Percheronne, but all others are) and is fully vaccinated - both 'flu and pneumequine, as we had contemplated breeding from her this year.

She is good with the farrier to have her feet trimmed - not in one of those stock type contractions, but the standard way of just picking up her feet.

She is a lovely kind and affectionate horse, that deserves better than standing in a field day after day.

Also, here she is without horse company, so it makes it all the harder for her as I am sure she is eager to work in order to have the human company. She does, however, have sheep for company, and there are other livestock around all the time.

I am open to all sensible suggestions, given that we are not in a position to give her away. Also, she has not done any serious work for the last 3 months.

Thank you in advance.

Hello Siobhan

As I said in my original entry - I haven’t had the time or the inclination to ride the mare. I am, quite frankly, too old. Add to this the various health issues I have had, I haven’t been fit enough. She is broken to ride, but obviously would need bringing back into work. When my daughters rode her (independantly I might add, despite the photo!) she tootled about quite contentedly. But, there are no other horses around, and without a steadying influence to give her confidence, she appears to be quite insecure. She is fine when someone is on the ground with her.
As to the distance, you haven’t told me where you are, but I will take your word for it that it is quite a distance.
I am in a hurry to sell her because it is not fair to have the horse stood all day in a field without any stimulus, other than twice a day feeding etc.
I understand a forum like this has interest for others, but we are on a mobile network internet connection - it is dial-up speed when it works. It has just taken 1/2hr to get this page up onto my computer, and it could crash at any moment. Could you send any further questions, etc. direct to my email at kathyjoyce@btinternet.com?
Look forward to hearing from you

Hello Siobhan

We are located in north Maine et Loire, between Bauge and La Fleche (in the commune of Vaulandry 49150). I am asking 1800 euros for her which includes her tack and equipment. She stands about 16 - 16.1hh.

I don't quite know what other details you need. She hasn't been worked for 3 months now (as I said there have been various health issues) and I have concentrated on training her for pulling equipment around the farm. My daughters have ridden her a couple of times, earlier in 2010, when they were visiting.

If you need any more specific details, please ask

Helen’s right she is gorgeous and I hope she finds a new home soon.

She looks gorgeous, a lot like my boy (the muddy one in the pic at the top of the comments page…)

Sorry, I’m such a techno-peasant and have no idea what I’m doing on things like this, but I hope this attaches a couple of photos.

Hello Helen

Thanks for your good wishes. I hope too, for the horse's sake, that she finds a good home soon. We are in north Maine et Loire on the border with Sarthe.

Many thanks Kathy

She sounds lovely, and just my type of horse, but I already have 3 and getting a fourth would probably lead to a divorce…I really hope you find her a good home. Whereabouts are you?