I need your help!

And it is urgent!

Does anyone have any contacts in any UK football clubs? I am trying to help a friend find a work placement before Friday! If you can possibly help, please PM or email me - cat@kingswharf.net

Thank you!

Thanks Brian - I have sent you a PM. Cx

Hi James, I can't think of a Premier Club but you'd be right about the privacy thing - they're so important aren't they!? If you would let me know if I am to make efforts I will happily do so. By all means pass on my contact details.

Hi Brian, he's trying to get into a premier league club but that's proving difficult as they are concerned about players privacy! The placement can be anywhere in the UK as far as I know.

Marijke - I guess that there are no parameters here. Just old shirts?

Hi Catherine, I do have contacts. One is a good friend who owns a football club in East London.Where do you want this placement to be?

I am on it Marijke!