I never thought I'd be rooting for Dominic Cummings...... but

Go Dom, go… Roll on Wednesday.


Cummings is merely proving, again, that he can do a lot of damage if he is not on your team.

But “The enemy of my enemy is my friend” is true only for short term alliances - I would not root for Cummings long term and this latest outburst only reinforces that view.


Cummings has all the makings of an archetypical Bond villain.

I wouldn’t be at all surprised if last year’s visit to Barnard Castle was actually to check how far the construction of his underground secret lair / missile launching site / giant frickin’ laser beams had progressed.


Now there’s a thought :slight_smile:
Seriously, Cummings is the sort of character where you seriously worry what is motivating him to attack the Government/Johnson at this particular time. He’s always been close with Gove, for example.

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I had to do a double take :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Sadly that seems to be one of the few areas Johnson doesn’t need any advice on, apart from stop.

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If Scummings destroys himself in the process of ruining Doris, I for one will be very pleased.
Of course there are more monsters in the dungeons waiting to be unchained.
I wonder if any of them are as thickly teflon coated though.


Mutually Assured Destruction. That’d be a result :smiley: Johnson’s Reichenbach Falls.


Could Gove and Patel suffer severe collateral damage please?


Gove has his head down, hoping for Bojo to implode and snaffle the big job himself? If so, will he and his ghastly wife redecorate? That’s the big question.

Well you can further consider doing this or not…Laura Kuenssberg interviews him on Beeb2 at 20.00 our time this evening for an hour.
A man with a score to settle or one actually telling the truth?
Who knows…maybe will in the future be the point at which Johnson’s polls ratings turn.
A big rise in hospitalizations and autumn vaccine passports will only add to this.
The torpedo needed is for somebody else to publicly confirm D C comments.
Is it…My friend is my enemies enemy, or
Hell hath no fury like a (woman) scorned.

Well Hancock has gone John, one down one to go? I read the reports of the interview (let the over eighties die etc.) but haven’t watched the interview yet. I save that for later today :slightly_smiling_face:

Indeed, trouble is he is the puppet of the Tory right wing, and whatever they say in public they won’t risk losing their man.
But they might decide “Boris is not the right man man for next five years” …about six months before next election…but don’t overlook the recent change back to allowing the PM to decide when that should be.

He has the paperwork to prove what he is stating.
Like him or not the truth is the truth and does not change, only lies and the stories behind them change.

The first point being true does not make the second false.

But Cummings is a snake, I would not trust his motives.

At one company I worked in someone in HR told me HR looked forward to exit interviews because people leaving dished the dirt.

This looks a bit similar.

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I’m surprised Karen. I’m not sure the big companies I worked in did. They’d rather be like ostriches. Mind you, it was a different world.

Do you think what he is saying actually happened irrespective of his motives?

As I said early there is documented evidence. Program on TV tonight.

If he wants to nail Johnson his best weapon is the truth. He’s already viewed as purely out for revenge, add lies into the mix and he will have no credibility at all. There is plenty of damming evidence against Johnson, using it might stick even if Cummings is not well liked and his motives suspected.

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