I Pad mail

Can anyone explain why I have lost my mail function? I have had no trouble till now with my orange.fr mail downloading via wifi onto the iPad but suddenly without me changing anything it has just stopped.

Can anyone tell me what should be checked or unchecked in settings? I looked but can't see anything amiss. On the other hand I don't know what should be showing, and what showed before its disappearance.


My iPad is always able to find my yahoo.co.uk and orange.fr mail but has problems with my t-online.de and outlook.com accounts. They worked when first set up but after a few weeks an error message appeared every time I checked my mail and only the orange and yahoo accounts’ mail is shown in the inbox. I have given up trying to access the others through the mail App and have downloaded the t-online and Outlook mail Apps which work perfectly. Not ideal but it works.

If you have not already done so, try:

Go to Settings and scroll down to Mail/Contacts/Calendar and select.

This should give you a list of your email accounts. Select Orange then select Delete the Account.

Then go back to chose account, add an account, other… then re-enter all the details for your Orange account. Make sure you have emails selected.

You do not say which IOS version you have, I have latest iOS 8.3 - if I go into settings and click on my email account (not gmail) I get a screen which says IMAP and shows my email address. Clicking on the email address takes me to a screen with my name, email address, description of the account (Sfr in my case) then Incoming server which is Host name imap.sfr.fr then user name (my email address) then password. Then Outgoing server SMTP smtp.sfr.fr. If I click on this I get a screen Primary Server smtp.sfr.fr active.

If I click on active… Server with an on/off slide button… mine is ‘on’ thus green.

Then Outgoing server Name of host smtp.sfr.fr. User name which is my email address. Password.

User SSL slide switch to green

Authentication (the word) Password

Server port… with a three digit number.

If I click on the word Password, I go to a screen

smtp.sfr.fr authentication.

The word Password appears with a tick next to it.

Other things are listed unticked.

In one of your replies you say ‘Pop account information…’

IMAP and POP are different protocols. In your Orange account… on the website… somewhere it will give you the option of POP or IMAP. IMAP allows synchronisation between the iPad and host site… so if you delete from iPad, it will be deleted from site and thus any other devices or email clients connected to it.

If your Orange account is using IMAP and your iPad POP, or somehow information for both is on your iPad, then this may explain the problem.

So this is why I suggest you delete your Orange account and set it up again.

When you add your account, iPad will test and confirm the settings. If it fails to confirm this, there is a problem at your email host.

Bonne chance.

Thanks Arthur. I have to go and cut the grass now but will look at that when i get back.

No Carl, the icon is still there and it still downloads my gmail emails. Its just the Orange ones which suddenly aren't coming in and that it my most used address. No problem with internet access either.

Option 4 is the scenario.

Both the gmail and Orange inboxes are still there but when I access the Orange box it just says no mail and on occasion it has popped up a box saying that 'the mail server "imap.orange.fr" is not responding. Verify that you have entered the correct account info in mail settings.'

As I said, I have changed nothing but I have a very vague idea that it might have happened after an update.

If I go into settings, Mail, Accounts, and open Orange, the Account button is on, (green)

Pop account information shows my name and email address. Description Orange.

If I click on my email address it opens another screen which shows my emil address with a tick and the option to add another email.


Host name - imap.orange.fr

Username - is my email address

Password - ........


SMTP - and if I click on that it opens another screen.


smtp.orange.fr - and if I click on that another screen shoing server on (ggreen)


Host name - smtp.orange.fr

Username - optional

password - optional

Use SSL - button is off (white)

Authentication - new screen


MD5 Challenge-Response


HTTP MD5 Digest

Back to previous screen

Under Authentication

Server port - 25

Going back to the screen which is headed PRIMARY SERVER


smtp.gmail.com - button is off (but I do receive my gmail!)

clicking that to another screen

Server - button off


Host name - smtp gmail.com

Username - my gmail email address


Use SSL - button on

Authentoication - passsword (same info as on Orange screen)

Server port - 587

back to previous screen

Add server - next screen all info for host name, Username, Password all blank.

Previous screen

there is a message at the end saying, 'If Mail is unsuccessful using the primary server it will try the other SMTP servers in succession.

On the very first screen there is an Advanced option and under INCOMING SETTINGS

Use SSL - button is on.

Authentication - as above

Delete from server - Never

Server port - 993

S/MIME - off

I'm sorry if that is information overload but I don't know what is significant and what isn't.

To reiterate - gmail is OK, Orange is not.

I only have one icon Shirley and the mail should be being picked up from the Orange internet site I presume so nothing to do with Windows.

I can't take it back - I bought it online four years ago. As I said, I hadno trouble previously in all that four years.

Carl I’m not a " freak" ! :slight_smile: but don’t look my best in the morning! Sorry Kathleen, just my humour, but what I said about Orange is true, they helped me greatly.

Paste this into your search engine. how to login to orange.fr Then take the second link down tha says Mail Orange: Boîte Mail, addresses etc etc. This will open up your space in orange and you should see an envelope top right to get to your mail, or it will ask for your password. This should kick start it off again. If not I would delete the app that allows you to get u onto orange and then re download it to the iPad .

Or are you opening orange within see setting on iPad , look at List on the left that says Mail, Contacts calendars , tap it, then on the right you will see at the top Accounts. iCloud account then under that add email , check this out and remove orange , then add it again so it refreshes your orange account.

The icon is missing?

The icon is there but when you press it nothing happens?

The icon is there and when you press it the mail app opens but nothing happens?

The icon is there and when you press it the mail app opens and looks fine but no new mail is received?

Try and describe what is going on remembering we cannot see your screen.

It'll just be something simple or silly that any of the Apple freaks here will be able to answer in a jiffy

Is it possible you have a PC that runs on Wins8 OS and you have followed Apples instructions to link their iCloud (new iCloud email address) with cloud on MS Wins8 OS which has your other email address?

I now have two email icons on my IPad, a blue background with white envelope on, is IPad email. The other (MY MAIL) icon is white with a red squiggly line on! That probably has your other email on it.
as far as I am concerned - I think the 2 clouds have merged! No doubt I’m wrong.

Mine was a yahoo email account originally running on Google chrome on MS WINS8 08, before I bought and set up the iPad. Now my yahoo account has been closed by them! porquoi? But all emails go to both icons! I still have my yahoo mail folders and contact details. All email now has to be sent from my iCloud address! Don’t ask!!!

Not sure how you will solve your problem, other than go back with iPad To store you bought it from and speak to their sales staff who may be able to help.

I’m still trying to suss it all out. My nearest Apple Store is Paris, 2 hours from where I live!

Re ORANGE, speak to the English helpline, technical department, they, ORANGE, were slow in catching up with IOS ON AIRPAD2! . I had to. Your iPad is regarded as a mobile device, you presumably only want wifi. They were a great help to me a couple of weeks ago.