I read this with deep dismay

This could all kick off again so easily, yet…


Good to know where Prime Minister Johnson’s priorities lie. Quelle honte !


beggars belief doesn’t it.


Johnson’s priorities are himself, max publicity with minimal effort.


I think the following extract from Eton’s sport’s page shows where Johnson’s ‘footer’ really stands on most Etonians’ priorities

‘Sport has been central to the Eton curriculum for some time – the first ever recorded inter-school fixture is an Eton v Westminster cricket match in 1796, amateur rowing was established here and the Eton House Field Game trophy is even older than the FA Cup. In the 21st Century we provide organised sport on six afternoons per week. The sports programme is designed to encourage a rich and diverse experience for boys. Opportunity is key: pupils play for school teams and in House competitions for major sports teams including rugby, hockey and cricket, as well as a broad array of other sports such as fencing, squash, rackets, martial arts and water polo.’



I wish there was a don’t like button, not for you John but to show my disgust at Boris Johnson and what you have highlighted to where his loyalties are. Personally I am not a football fan so I dont give a fig about this new super league but I do think that once again Boris has hoodwinked the public with the Irish border issue.
:-1:another dodgy move.


Whew, that’s a relief John :slightly_smiling_face: I’m not a fan of soccer either, too much money and too much diving for me, but Johnson certainly knows where the votes are.

I think I said before, the GFA brokered peace but it remained rice-paper thin. Johnson is nearly the same age that I am so he does not have the excuse that he has grown up not knowing “The Troubles”, neither does Farage nor, frankly Rees-Mogg.

He would do well to remember Brighton.

I very much doubt history will be kind on this one.

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He is just jumping on the band wagon ahead of the local elections due shortly.