I realize this is a long shot

Is there anyone on here that lives near 58340? Or dealt with a company called CMAC Tondeuses?

We are looking for a sit-on mower and we found the above company. They have a selection of sit-ons withing our budget, but there are no detail of the mowers (age, condition etc) so I wrote to them as I’m no good on phones. But no reply. They don’t seem to have any rating or feedback so looking for suggestions please. Also found them on google maps so I know they are there! They are too far for us to go & look.
Many thanks in advance

I know it’s not what you are asking, but even if they are bona fide I strongly recommend you buy from someone local, even if it costs a bit more to begin with.
You will get MUCH better after sales service.
Our first sit-on mower came from a company over 30 kilometres away. BIG mistake - they never were interested and it was too far just to pop in for small issues. Current sit-on just been bought for a very good price from a guy in town ten minutes away. After sales service is fantastic and (of course) he’s servicing ALL our garden stuff - strimmer, chainsaw, push mowers, etc etc - and OH thinks he’s wonderful

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Thanks Sue, I understand and we do have a local man who looks after our stuff and our current mower has been great but a new one is just out of the question. He is looking for us but our grass is growing very fast!
Are you anywhere near us? We’re S.Dordogne. Thought I could ask your man if it’s feasible!


Why does this link take me to a ‘scam’ page?

Sorry Toovey, I think we are too far south in L&G.

@chrisell kindly did some digging on your behalf and discovered that the company you mentioned in your initial post are scammers. Avoid!


I’m inclined to agree with @chrisell and it looks very scammy.

I noticed that the website has a certificate issued by Lets Encrypt which is free-of-charge. Without getting too nerdy, businesses don’t tend to use Lets Encrypt as the company they obtain certificates from because a) they’re not really designed for that, and b) the certificates are short-lived… which is fine if you’re just hosting a website as a hobby but not something that companies tend to do.

There is, as you say, a company called CMAC if you look on Google Maps, but they don’t have a website listed and their phone number is different to the one on the website you linked to. Plus the number on the potentially dodgy site is a mobile number whereas the phone number listed on Google is a landline.

If it sounds too good to be true…

Edit: also worth noting this post made to Facebook by the genuine company: Bei Facebook anmelden | Facebook


Many thanks Sue, onwards with our search!

Many thanks Brian and Gareth, I must admit I had ‘concernes’ and thought the marvelous people on here would know.
We’re very grateful for your help, so back to the search!


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They look legit to me, they have a massive warehouse and good reviews on the internet. You can also search CMAC-Crécy on facebook.

It looks like a good ‘boys-toys’ shop. Pop in and spend lots of money.

Or maybe they are not too far? If they really look promising perhaps it is worth the journey? Depends (obviously) how much you think you will save by buying from them.

I certainly wouldn’t spend that sort of money online, but they do have a warehouse where you could buy.

But they do sell husqvarna products - sorry, this isn’t scammy.

I agree Rob.

I still think the local option is good for ongoing relations but @Toovey27 if you’ve already got your local guy and it’s only by going to a big warehouse like this you can get the discount then why not?

Is there anyone local who could check this out for you? Or maybe a French equivalent of a chamber of commerce (or the mairie) who could confirm they are legit?

The company is legit. The website isn’t. The company even says on their Facebook page that they’ve been impersonated :man_shrugging:


There’s quite a lot of these at the moment. I double-checked my hairdresser’s phone number on-line yesterday, and found that the first site in the list gave a premium rate phone number… I stick to yellow pages for contact details these days :smiley:

Also, @Toovey27 - if the prices you’ve seen are on the dodgy website, the prices at the real place could be completely different? :thinking:

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That’s probably true Angela. After more research there IS a legit company with this name but they have now been cloned twice, the first one has now been shut down. It seems very difficult to tell who are the baddies these days! Decided now to only deal with local people that we know, or considering to buy a few sheep!

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Shame this company is probably just a bit too far away to make it economical… :grin:



That’s brilliant, I love goats!

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Although the local “big farmer” has been buying up every field that comes on the market around here, the elderly lady who had the field in front of us refused to sell to him and a young chap starting out in farming bought it. He has 2 (plus one on the way) goats tethered in the field and moves their stakes every day. They are making remarkably short work of the brambles. It’s worth a thought perhaps?

He did warn us though that the dwarf goats that have become popular tend not to eat brambles …

I don’t want to hijack the thread and apologies to anyone who hates ‘thread drift’, but just at ask, don’t SAFER have a say in who can or cannot buy farmland? I wonder if they intervened in favour of the young farmer?