I’ve got a Big One, how about you?

And here it is.

It’s hard-wearing and lasts for ages, which kitchen roll do you use ?

We’d need a bigger kitchen to use that :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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I’ve got a massive pink one in my workshop.

I have a small white one that breaks off in small bits.

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Love it! :rofl:

Does it have to sit on the kitchen table all the time?
It looks as though it would pull a holder out of the wall.

No Jane I put it on the table for the photo. It usually sits behind my chopping board which is handy as I’m always using my chopper.
Er indoors reckons it’s too big though I suppose size isn’t everything ?

My wife has a penchant for big ones too.

Free delivery with Amazon prime :laughing:

The length is quite normal but I have to say the girth is mighty impressive.

I must admit I don’t get many complaints, ‘er indoors reckons it’s too big to hold to start with.

We always buy Sopalin kitchen roll. Great quality and strength, plus it’s perforated in half-sheets, which is much more convenient to use (as well as being more economical).

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