I Want A Dog

(Sab Will) #1

Hi folks, and lovely to see your great dog pics here.

You know, I've always loved animals, especially cats and dogs, for all the usual reasons, but I've never been in a situation where I could sensibly have one. Until now. Maybe!

I'm moving house soon, to a place with a few more fields around and it just might be feasible. But I also have a one-year-old son so it would have to be a baby-friendly version.

I have a couple of ideas in mind of what sort I'd like, but in order not to influence you, do any of you have any ideas for me? Let me know a few and then I'll tell you what breeds I was wondering about. I'm looking for cuddly, child-friendly, good-natured, playful, teachable to an extent, and reasonably well-behaved who could also spend a few hours on its own from time to time if we all needed to go out to work.

Looking forward to your feedback! Woof woof!

(Gina Hams) #2

Hi Catharine and Sab The pups will be 4 weeks on Friday and definitely ready to go in another 4. They already come when I call them and know to pee etc on the newspaper. It makes such a difference if they start off with good habits - we have been taking them out in a box in the car as well. They will never know that cars , noises etc are a problem. I think they are gorgeous but then I am prejudiced.
PS. the little black bitch in the picture is my favourite, great conformation and so calm but she is already claimed. G.

(Catharine Higginson) #3

Sab I posted a long reply ( and lost it…) but basically would agree with everything Gina says. The puppy socialising before it gets to you is THE most important thing ever. We got our ridgeback from fantastic breeders who bred for temperament and socialised the dogs well. They are a fantastic breed but not for the beginner.

As Gina says there are so many fab dogs just waiting for a new family…

@ Gina - Daisy and Tilly have just come in the room and seen the pic and are now planning to come and “dog nap” the black puppy. I’ll leave it to you to deal with James if they succeed…


(Gina Hams) #4

HI Sab Apologies for the cockup with the name. I have a friend called Will and I get a bit off my head sometimes. The first thing that pops into my mind etc… Now to the question of dogs. There are loads of pics of my puppies on the Dogs Group but I have put one here for you to see. If you want a big dog and I totally understand that you are best off getting the breed you want/like but pick the quiet one as this dog is going to have to relate to a child. A wilful, sorry about the pun, dominate dog or bitch is not going to be a good choice. Our first Boxer was picked with that in Mind. A Boxer by the name of Jane and a kinder gentler creature you could not wish to meet. But my show dog. Rommel well he won loadsa prizes but could play real rough with Jim and actually loved Jim fending him off with his knee and came back for more. So if that makes sense, the quiet puppy will take a lot less trouble to train and become a sensible family member. PS love your work, so original as indeed it seems you are. G.

Our first Boxer Jane...

and here is a pic of the puppies

(Sab Will) #5

Hi Gina,
My first name’s Sab, actually, not Will :-S
I’m at the research stage at the moment, and if it’s going to happen, it won’t be before Christmas. What sort of dogs are yours, by the way? Do you have some pics you could post here? They sound lovely anyway.
And do you have any comments on best or cutest breeds based on my criteria above? I’m not too into little handbag dogs but a big one would be… too big for a small house and child.
Thanks a lot, Sab

(Gina Hams) #6

Hi Will. Just thought I would mention I have 4 puppies left. I personally can guarantee a good rearing, and their Mum is with me despite the pups because of a wonderful calm easy going nature. Get in touch with me if you are interested ginahams@orange.fr

It is a good idea to look around at rescue dogs, there are loads of perfectly good dogs that need homes and come house trained and vaccinated, chipped etc and are only in the Refuge because an inconsiderate owner forgot to get them a Passport, or sometimes the owner has died. Lizzy is a magic little dog to have around, she is very respectful, immaculately clean and great with dogs , people and even very little children and would you believe nobody wanted her.

Just some food for thought, good luck with the move and whatever dog you end up sharing your life with.

(Sab Will) #7

Hi John, Stu and everyone.
Many thanks for the very interesting comments so far. I’m in the middle of packing to move house right now so not much time to comment, but I will read over your comments at leisure later.
But here, let me throw some specifics into the mix. Although my childhood dream for was a Lassie dog (sorry for the technical term, that would be a Shetland Collie ??? to you guys :wink: and an alsatian, I’m more realistic now, with a future small house and very small child I’m thinking pretty… small.
The Spritz, I think it is looks very cute and pretty (or is that a drink?). And the woman who has the house we’re getting has a gorgeous American Cocker, I think she calls it. I thought spanials were bad-natured but she says the American is not, but I didn’t even know there were American ones, but then I don’t know much.

(John Alcock) #8

Stuart i do tend to agree with you about Labs ,thats surprised you didnt it, but i was told some years ago that labs were always thought of as friendly dogs and i think that a lot are i was also told the dog most likely to bite a human was a Jack Russle, we all know someone with these dogs and those we know are friendly its over a broad picture that certain dogs stand out as untrustworthy, now i have had a number of bad experiences with boxers doesnt mean all are bad dogs i have been around OES most of my life and have come across 5 that i didnt trust mainly in the 1970s it is Unscrupulous breeders breeding for money totaly ignorant of the breed and the dogs they are using, a comment in certain circles was which ever dog wins crufts that breed will be ruined as it will be popular and puppy farms will jump on the money train, Dulux made the OES popular few years ago, 9 a week ended up at the rescue centre in Horncastle, soft little bundles grow into big bouncy 7 stone dogs Staffy bull are a status dog with the jobs what happens to the dogs reputation as a breed ,its the yob that needs to be put to sleep not the dog, i have seen dogs brought into the rescue that have made me cry and i would have cheerfully gone out and killed the person who caused the suffering the law isnt strong enough.

(Stuart Wilson) #9

Hi Sab

Seriously child friendly are Boxers, do not go for a Labrador. Now let me see, you want playful and teachable. I honestly think that if you get any dog young enough you can instil your own type of discipline. Our Poppy was totally crazy when we got her, in a friendly way. We took her to one of the top people because she was already 16 months old when we got her. By the; has anyone heard of June Lamby, I think that’s how you spell it. She won awards at crufts for training I think; well she did the job with Poppy, and Nathalie I think :wink: I’m sure I’ll get some comments back about Labradors, but I do find them a bit rough and unmanageable. Waiting for the backlash.


(John Alcock) #10

This must be the hardest question to answer as everyone here has there own special breed mine is Old English Sheepdogs very child friendly very playful intelligent eager to please but time consuming and needing human company, any long hair dog needs brushing unless its clipped off at regular intervals the Dulux paint dog you see on the adverts is the end result of a bath plus about 4/5 hours of grooming they most certainly dont come with a coat ready made , have you thought of a rescue dog there are so many around
You are having a dog after your children which is the correct way as the child/children is an establish member of the family, try Phoenix, http://www.phoenixasso.com/adoption.php3 you can talkto them and they would advise you on whats most suitable for your circumstances, a dog is a big comitment like taking on a child