I want to have a higher google ranking

i AM hopless at this aspect of my buisness!

But want to get more hits on my web site.

If you are talking about http://www.closdessaveurs.fr/ it is missing quite a few bits and bobs that would help no end with getting visitors into the site.

  • No meta description - very bad
  • No meta keywords - very bad (yes I know, some say they are not required but use em anyway)
  • H1-H6 elements not being used properly
  • Page title sucks.

Naming pictures "alfresco.jpg" and using alt tags like "Breakfast is an array of local and home-made jams, honeys, breads and fresh fruits with lots of delicious surprises..." is not helpful.
Google has to understand the image and the page in order to index it correctly so how about calling the image "bed-and-breakfast-in-france.jpg" and use alt (+title) tags like "Bed and breakfast in france with an array of local and home-made jams, honeys, breads and fresh fruits"

Notice how I have copied Verbatim the name of the picture (bed-and-breakfast-in-france) in the alt/title tag. Make sure you also use the exact same text somewhere in the (displayed) text of the page. When you add meta keywords to the code, use the same phrase again as a keyword.

Now imagine if the page title of "Clos des Saveurs - Bed and Breakfast - Luxury Gite - near Saint Emilion" was changed to Bed and breakfast in france

Google is now beginning to see the phrase Bed and breakfast in france all over the place and could start to form the opinion that this is what your page is about.

The use of H1-H6 HTML Elements is all wrong as well and yes, I would feed THAT phrase into them as well. Ideally the H1 element would only be used one or two times per page but not waisted as you do with the word "Gallery" which is the first H1 element on the page.

Pay special attention to the first paragraph of every page.... Get in 'What you do' and 'Where you do it'. and remember.. People don't search for a holiday in Clos des Saveurs. They would be searching for a "holiday in the south of France" or maybe Bordeaux Bergerac or Toulouse so use those words frequently.

Name a few random pictures "holiday-in-Bordeaux.jpg", "holiday-in-Bergerac.jpg", "holiday-in-Toulouse.jpg" and set alt and title tags to suit. Get the idea?

Rinse and repeat with every single image on all pages. It's all about 'variations on a theme' when naming pictures and make sure the name of the picture is repeated (usually as part of a short sentence) in both the alt and title tags.

If this seams a bit boring.. It is. You are trying to teach an automated librarian (Google) what it is that your page is about so they can serve you up as THE correct answer to a question typed into a search box.

And THAT is just for starters..... :)

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Great advice @Carl_Alban :slight_smile: