Ian Cowburn

I'm sorry to have to announce the sad passing of Ian Cowburn. He was 64 years young. His family confirmed in an email Ian had died from from a heart attack on tthe 29th january. He was cremated the 7th february at Gap. I'm sure all our deepest condolencies go out to his wife Marianne and daughters Géraldine & Margot.

You were a real gent mate, Rest In Peace...and, keep on truckin'.

Ian was fun as well as highly intelligent and his contributions are sadly missed, along with other ex members'. His wife sent me a thank you message last week for all of you/us who commented on Ian's passing.

Yes, he seemed a really nice guy.

Life can be very cruel at times...

Oh that is very sad news.

Very sad news. Ian always contributed a great degree of common sense. I really will miss his comments.

Life is fragile as well as it is unpredictable Catherine. Strange thing is that although we never met and we only knew each other for a relatively short space of time (like most of us here) I feel i've lost an old friend, maybe a kindred spirit ! Couldn't agree more Irene.

Oh, what a sad shock. I so enjoyed Ian's posts, and will miss them. Such a tenuous grasp on life we have... My condolences to his family.

Very sorry to hear that Ian passed away. It seams so sudden and he was a good man, he will be missed.

Peter, thanks you can pm me.

That's sad news, I enjoyed his comments, he will be missed by all of us.

I can give his daughters email address if you wish, i'm sure she wouldn't mind

This is a great shame, as I looked forward to hearing his forthright northern views.

RIP from a fellow Lancastrian.

Is there any way of telling his family how much his contributions were appreciated?

That's a hell of a shock. His contributions had a certain quality, were sensible and informative. The guy seemed to know his way around the system. I join with the others on here to send the family my deepest sympathies.

Pete, thanks for letting us all know.

Very sad news, his contributions will be missed and my thoughts are with his family, RIP Ian, je suis sûr que les jaunes sont en libre service où tu es maintenant ! ;-)

I think we will miss him a lot. His fairly recent appearance and since his enthusiastic, often particularly well informed but witty contributions are lost, leaving a big hole in many posts. My condolences to his family too. As Peter says, keep on truckin'.