Ian Duncan Smith

Words from the esteemed Duncan-Smith today:

"The Remain campaign's case seems almost wholly based on what they describe as the nightmare of leaving", he wrote.

"This case has in whole or in part become characterised by spin, smears and threats ... In the last fortnight we have had a series of highly questionable dossiers - threatening almost biblical consequences if we dare to consider a future outside of the European Union.

"We've seen a series of stunts, whereby big businesses, big banks, and powerful politicians from other EU member states seek to bully the British people into believing their jobs and security are at risk."

Can this be the same Duncan Smith who falsified the weather analysis of France to ensure that British retirees in France no longer got the Winter Fuel Payment? He and his friends Fox are now complaining that the French president said that there would be consequences in the UK left Europe. Well I thought that the cronies wanted consequences, it's just that they haven't a clue what they would be or how the UK would operate if there was a Brexit. They claim that they "want their country back" like Trump, and that there would be fantastic commercial opportunities as the UK would be freed of Brussels rules. Surely all exports of goods and services to Europe would have to comply with Brussels rules anyway? Are they suggesting there would be good quality goods and services in Europe whilst the good old British consumer could be fixed up shoddy goods? Frankly Duncan Smith and the others should fall on their swords. He failed as leader of the Conservatives- he's the last person in the world the UK needs or deserves.

Source of quotation The Daily Telegraph

Tis a consommation devoutly to be wished.

I do pray with zeal that that the suit of Master Smith will be lost. If that happy fate doth pass this month of June tis sure he will be cast to the wind, as the carcass of ambition failed, ne'er to trouble our wearied paths through "this best garden of the world, this fertile France" (mostly no apologies to the noble bard save the last bit!)

Isn't he just the essence of " And then the justice,In fair round belly with good capon lined,With eyes severe and beard of formal cut,Full of wise saws and modern instances" minus the beard of course.

I entirely agree with you David he's a slimy little git but seems to lead a charmed life. As for Dr Fox he just needs to get back to medicine as soon as possible.