IBS Anyone?

Hello, any IBS sufferers here ?

If so, how does it affect you and how do you manage it ?

I know a sufferer.
He did have all sorts of tests to rule out anything else before IBS was identified.

Watches his diet and takes medication authorised by the Doc.

Tries not to get over-stressed (about Brexit for example)

How you can try not to get over stressed when you see what is going on in UK I don’;t know.
I heard a very interesting interview with John le Carre this morning bemoaning the rise of nationalism v patriotism and which seems to be the theme of his new book.

I don’t actually have it but have lots of family members that do. I think the issue is IBS can cause many different problems and symptoms, from not going,to going too much,pain etc Finding a trigger can help a friend used to have problems if she had too much cheese ,a relative has to be careful how much fish she eats and restricts tomatoes. There is also a stress element when my nephew did his uni visits his dad used to allow an extra hour travel time for toilet stops .
A lot of IBS products are available to buy in the UK and I know Mebeverine is available in France from pharmacists but I would never tell anyone to buy anything without a diagnosis. Often IBS is diagnosed by ruling out what it isn’t rather than what it is

I’ve never been diagnosed with IBS, but have had symptoms (according to those that know) for a number of years ; sometimes for prolonged periods of time.
Had some worrying bleeding about 18 months ago…am going to see the man with the bum-camera this week.

Good idea ,bleeding isn’t really an IBDS symptom

My mum has both Coeliac disease and IBS. The Coeliac disease is pretty much under control with a strict gluten free diet but her IBS is very much an issue.

It tends to be brought on by stress and she has to avoid caffeine which is a very common trigger for IBS symptoms. She takes Meberverine as @anon22869222 has mentioned and Loperimide for diarrhoea.

I think everyone has their own triggers and the best way to find what they are is by a process of elimination although some stress is unavoidable.

It’s worth ruling out Coeliac disease as it has similar symptoms to IBS. A simple blood test is the start of the process and if this is abnormal further tests can be done to confirm. The important thing is to continue eating gluten during the testing otherwise the tests may give a false negative.

Hope this helps.

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Excellent replies, thank you all.

Internet can be a dangerous thing but I had to look up the IBS symptoms to see if anything corresponded. My strees levels ie panic attacks etc have increased lately so i’m looking for possible reasons/causes. I know much of my problem is historic ,things happened when I was a child and the loss of my wife etc etc but stress levels have increased for no apparent reason.
I looked on the list of foods to avoid for IBS and realise for example I have abandoned white bread in the place of nordic-type breads over the past few months. There are loads of other things too which seem to corroborate this.
It seems like it’s a vicious circle with IBS and stress for example.
Anyway i’m changing my diet to see if things change.

I have a real problem with IDS…
a right pain in the arse :smiling_imp:


Thought that was piles mate ?


I hope a change of diet works for you.

Might be worth a visit to the doc if things don’t improve fairly quickly. There’s no need to suffer when there are treatments available and perhaps they can get to the bottom (!!!) of the problem.

Take care of yourself xxx


Thanks Mandy, at the very least cutting out bread and some dairy products should shed a few kilos !!
Isn’t it very ‘British’ how anything rectal gets a laugh ? I don’t think the French have that ability ?

Most important thing is NOT to try treating something until you know just what IT actually is. Some folk can mask one problem when mistakenly treating “whatever” then only contact the Doc when things get totally out of control. ooops

Might take time to identify IBS but the investigation route needs to be followed… :upside_down_face:

Simple change of diet might well solve whatever is occurring right now… but if not… off to the Doc. I would not advise any self-medicating in the meantime …

Absolutely Stella. If a simple change of diet works then great, problem solved. If not then investigations are needed. IBS has similar symptoms to other problems which is why I suggested a trip to the doc should the dietary changes not quickly solve the problem.

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Back in UK, OH self-medicated for 2 years (not IBS) and did his health irreparable harm. I did not twig until he collapsed, by which time the damage was done.

Good news is, despite all, he is still alive and I’m watching over him like a hawk.

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It’s definitely worth a try Peter.

Yep, the Brits love a laugh around anything to do with bottoms and poo. It’s easy to lose your sense of humour though when it all becomes a problem!

I guess the best advice is don’t be embarrassed and get it checked out if things don’t improve.

Yes Mandy quite agree.

A few weeks back a good friend of ours went to her docs because one of her nipples was ‘inverted’ you know, pointing inwards instead of out. She had no pain, no lumps etc but goes into hospital tomorrow to have that cancerous breast removed !
It doesn’t take much sometimes, does it ?


Hello Peter, I was diagnosed with IBS eight years ago in Francheville hospital Perigueux. Stress can make it worse as can bread (shame because I love it). I find peppermint oil capsules work the best for me (available online from healthspan.co.uk and they ship to France for reasonable postage). They more or less keep it under control unless I’ve been eating too much wheat produce or have been stressed and had a flair up. worth a try but you need to take them every day and don’t expect any massive improvement for a few days.

Peppermint capsules are also available in France - perhaps ask at your local pharmacy.

Thanks Millie and Stella, they sound worth a try.