Identifying English Speaking Accountant - Expat Tax return

I am seeking advice / recommendations on English speaking Accountants, preferably in the Lourdes/Tarbes area who could assist me in completing my French 2021 Tax return.

I moved to France last year and need help in completing the return correctly with this being the first time. I paid UK Tax up until 31-Mar-21 and my only income has been from my UK Pensions ( I have no business interests in France). Any advice /assistance would be greatly appreciated.

This morning, I asked a Tax Officer, on behalf of some Newcomers .
The Tax Lady gave me this list (I hope I haven’t forgotten anything):

*Identification: Passport
*Proof of Address: Electricity Bill or similar
*CPAM Attestation to prove affiliation to UK Health Service
*Proof of Income & Source (identifying each Source by whatever means, P60’s etc … often a suitcase of papers :wink:)
*Your French Bank Account details (RIB from the chequebook)
*Details of all Bank Accounts held outside France

If more info is needed, they will let you know…

I was assured that if the New Folk turn up at the Offices during the Public Opening Hours… they would be seen and “dealt with” (kindly)… best to arrive early

(I suggested a personal-appointment, but they are all booked up… aargh.)

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It is not near Lourdes or Tarbes but I use these guy. They have been very good

Hi vfr and welcome to SF

Your return should be a fairly straight forward affair in that case.
If you haven’t yet got a TIN (tax reference number aka Numéro fiscal) you can obtain one from the tax office which will allow you to file online. Time is running short for declarations on paper but the forms can be downloaded from the Fisc - but this reference may be useful in the meant time.
Also will be of help is for you to read through my guide on completing your tax return (on line) which will cover much of the paper submission in your case as well.

The task isn’t as onerous as it might seem at first glance. Take your time to read through the posts and those in this topic too.
If you have more questions, post them in the topic started by @Stella (the second SF link I provided) and tag me with @ if you feel I can be of further help.


The folk on whose behalf I enquired this morning… they are planning to visit their Tax Office with all the bump… Thursday morning, early. :+1:

But not as early as I did. Silly me… I’d got 8am into my head, so arrived at 7.45am… then had to wait until opening time at 8.40am. Mind you, I wasn’t first in the queue… a very polite Frenchman had been queuing since around midnight, “well it seems like it” he said with a smile. By the time the doors opened, there was quite a long line of folk…

I think the tax offices have been somewhat overwhelmed this year by frustrated declarants who have (perhaps) not read read my guide :wink:
Even to the point, this year, of posting a video and a check list for people to run through before contacting their tax office…
Some of the changes have taken people by surprise - particularly with the online version - since many forms were combined this year to simplify things - which seem to have had the opposite effect :roll_eyes:
The paper version though ISTR is very much the same as last year.

The OP should be reminded that the form cerfa 3916 must be completed if he has retained foreign banks accounts (that is, accounts outside of France). The guide also helps in that regard as the sections for the paper version are ostensibly the same.

I was the one and only non-French person, this morning.
Perhaps you should do a French video, guide etc etc… :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
EDIT: Foreign Bank Accounts are in my list, above…

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If they are clients of Isabelle Want (bh-assurances) she provides a free service for both types of return…
She’s French of course, although speaks good English but is only based in Charente

I can recommend Louisa. Very efficient and reasonable costs:

Affiliate Representative


ORIAS number: 07005235


I would really encourage you to take Graham’s advice and try to do it yourself, and then try to get tax office to check (some will only see people with appointments, others are still first come first served open access).

If you only have UK pensions and a few bank accounts it really is doable. And you will save yourself anything between €200 and €500, which is what registered accountants charge.

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well over a hundred SF members have accessed the help guides and only a few have found the need to come back with specific questions, generally not covered by the guides.
This is the second year this guide has been produced (I don’t make it available outside of SF) and I’m certain that many have benefited from it. Some members have recently mentioned that, if you haven’t already engaged the services of an accountant, the likelihood of doing so before the deadlines hit are fairly remote. I can believe that!
Narrowing the field down to only English speaking will further hamper your efforts.
What have you to lose?