If you blog in France about France

Just in case anyone is interested .... http://this-is-france.com/write-a-guest-post are looking for guest writers - posts should be in English and written by you and can include a link back to you and your blog (NB: the post remains the property of ThisisFrance).

Specifically in the SW, a new online magazine TIENS ! La Sud-Ouest de la France is looking for bloggers and writers living in the region - tiensmagazine-issue 1

If you already write a blog about France & are looking to generate a few more additional links you can trying listing it with






Serious bloggers might find this old article of some interest www.searchenginejournal.com

I hope these are helpful ramblings - If anyone else has useful links on where to submit or find blogs about life in France please feel free to add a comment!

[Mr & Mrs H - could there be an SFN blog list on the way ?!]

Maybe the this-is-france people are simply aiming at the more would-be and occasional type of blogger (which in another way makes them not a blogger at all) who simply want to see their writing on the net.

I'm sure there are many people out there who are happy just to share a few thoughts, have not got an agenda, are not worried about being paid for it, and have not got the knowledge or the time to set up or maintain a blog, so in some way it could fill a need. Just not for this group by the look of it!

Just my ha'penny worth...

(NB: the post remains the property of ThisisFrance).
I dont get it, help me here... I write it and you keep it?

Good point Keith but - yet again - presume they are not paying so what on earth is the point?

Ooh I say J, SEO optimised - I like it already :slight_smile:

Yes Annette, I have a blog list up my sleeve! An SEO optimised one at that… just got to get to it

Hi Catharine, lovely to talk to you yesterday x yes that's a very valid point about T&Cs.. great news you are doing a list on SFN. I don't count myself a blogger but just wanted to post the links somewhere - being a better blogger is on my wish list for 2012 ..... ;)

Thanks Laurent, glad you found it useful :)

Hi Annette - there is a place to deposit your blog

http://www.survivefrance.com/group/bloggersinfrance/forum/topics/list-your-blog-here and yes, we will be creating a list!

If you do respond to the this is france request, make sure you are happy with the T&C before posting...

Thanks Annette.. I have a political / everything blog .. but it is all in French. Thanks for the links, will be most useful.