If you care about staying in the EU contact David Cameron now

Harry Shindler TODAY passionately asks that every British Citizen sends the following message to The Prime Minister.

Harry has 'wind' that this is important!

Go to https://email.number10.gov.uk/
Fill in your details and paste the following sentence there… (then pick up the incoming notification mail to verify with one click)

This message has come from Brian Cave and for those of you who do not know, Harry Shindler is a war veteran aged 92 and lives in Italy and was recently honoured.

This will go directly to Number 10 and you do not need to have a valid UK postcode!

Sorry Pat, as you can see from the type I am having problems with my computer.

This is the sentence to add.

It is too late to add it to my original post, but please go to this petition.
"Along with Harry Shindler I ask that all British Citizens in Europe (including the 15 year plus group) can vote in the Referendum.
It was promised to Harry that all Citizens could vote."

What is the message we need to send????

It appears that all those who have been here fewer than 15 years and have registered to vote, will get a vote in the referendum. So if you have not done so now is the time to register.

As to those who have been here 15 years or more, the message should be that the promised removal of the 15 year limit should be accomplished before the referendum is held.

I have e-mailed our previous UK MP on this subject but have yet to have a response. I have also contacted Roger Gale MP (who tried to get the 15 year limit removed at the end of the last parliament ) and his office responded by return almost.

However, if the Government is hell bent on getting the UK out of the EU then the last thing they would want is to have all Brits living abroad having the right to vote to stay in so perhaps their actions on the removal of the 15 year rule will demonstrate their true ambitions.

What is the message that we have to send?